Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yoon Jin-seo joins cast of Runaway

Oh, I like this: Yoon Jin-seo has been added to the cast of Runaway, playing an offbeat and lively detective. She’ll be chasing the two leads, spy Rain and mysterious operative Lee Na-young, which means she’ll be working a lot with Lee Jung-jin, another of the pair’s pursuers who is her superior.

PD Kwak Jung-hwan explained that he chose Yoon for her ability to transform herself. That’s certainly true, as she has played a variety of different roles in her previous projects such as Return of Iljimae, Secret Lovers, and Beastie Boys. She’s got a refreshing quality to her that can be sexy but also innocent, depending on the role, and a lovely aura.

Interestingly, one article describes this drama as a “romantic comedy spy melodrama” — the first time I’ve heard rom-com applied to the show. I’ve got nothing against it, although it makes me think of writer Chun’s other spy drama (the Civil Servant remake)…

Runaway premieres in September on KBS.

credit : javabenas

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