Sunday, June 27, 2010

The characters of Athena: Goddess of War

Here we go, first promotional character stills of the cast of Athena. You won’t find the concept that novel if you’re familiar with the look of IRIS’s promotional shots, but it IS interesting to finally get a peek into the spinoff’s world. I actually think IRIS’s promos were better-looking, but for some reason I’m more interested in Athena than I was about IRIS.

First up is Jung Woo-sung, above, who plays a top agent with the National Anti-Terror Service. (IRIS was set amongst the National Security Service, or NSS, while Athena moves to the NTS.) Can I just say that I love that he’s wearing a fancy suit and bowtie like he’s freaking James Bond? I have a feeling Athena’s story may be more out-there than its predecessor, but since it’s hardly realistic either way, I say bring on the antics.

Lee Jung-gil will reprise his role from IRIS as the president Jo Myung-ho, indicating that this series will place a little more focus on the Blue House (Korea’s White House) than the previous series did. (The newly cast Lee Bo-young plays his daughter.)

The drama is a week into production; filming began on June 19. Overseas location shoots will begin in July.

Below, Su Ae (Sunny, Bottom of the 9th Inning with 2 Outs) sheds her innocent image to go sexy as an NTS agent:

Cha Seung-won (City Hall) is looking mighty fierce as a spy:

Kim Min-jong (Return of Iljimae) takes a departure from his gentle image to play a North Korean defector who becomes Jung Woo-sung’s partner:

Choi Siwon (Oh My Lady) starts out as a newbie data analyst and looks up to his sunbae Jung Woo-sung, but he’ll get his turn in the spy limelight later in the series:

And Lee Jia (Beethoven Virus) rounds out the group of agents. I think (hope) the tough image works much better with her personality than the “girly” one; she was much, much more interesting as tomboyish Sujini in Legend than she was as a shrill fashion assistant in Style.

credit : javabeans

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