Monday, June 7, 2010

Fans speculate about Prosecutor Princess Season 2

While Prosecutor Princess originally had a fairly slow start, being called the Wed/Thur drama with the worst casting, by the end of its run, Prosecutor Princess’s low ratings were reversed and reruns and internet viewings have become so high that the team has stated “rating? Let the dog take it” (A Korean saying signifying little importance). While there had been talks of a possibility for an extension, Prosecutor Princess sadly ended at 16 episodes on May 20th 2010. Due to the semi-abrupt ending, there were regrets about Jenny’s limited role and lack of love line, the unfinished love stories of Ma Hye Ri/Seo In Woo, and Yoon Se Joon/Jin Jung Sun, as well as the uncompleted ongoing story of Hye Ri’s growth and role as prosecutor. While in the beginning, responses to Prosecutor Princess were generally low, it carried throughout a loyal fanbase, and by the end had gained critical reviews and renewed interest. Ma Hye Ri and Seo In Woo continue to be on the top 10 internet searches even after the show has run its course and visits to the online website have been many. Additionally, due to the popularity of Kim So Yeon and Park Shi Hoo overseas, Prosecutor Princess has received interest from surrounding countries. All this has in turn has propelled questions and requests by netizens about the possibility for a season two.

While I do not hold much hope for an actual season two happening at any time soon–the theme nowadays seems to be to banish the words “season two” at the end of any drama that enjoyed any moderate level of success–if such a season two ever happened, I believe it could be one of the few sequels that could actually be very good. Here’s to hoping such things happen~

(Note: Just to make sure we’re not starting unfounded rumors, I’d just like to point out that the Season 2 talk is mostly originating from fans making requests of the producers, not the producers saying they’re considering doing it. Like waterleaf, I’m not holding my breath about it. –javabeans)

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