Friday, June 11, 2010

Sandara Park reveals photo taken with close friend Goo HyeSun 6 years ago

2NE1 Sandara Park reveals photo taken with close friend of same age Goo HyeSun taken 6 years ago.

Sandara Park did a special appearance on KBS 2TV WinWin aired on 8th June when she talked about her 6-year friendship with Goo HyeSun.

Sandara Park said, “When I first came to Korea 6 years ago when I was 20 years old, she had taken good care of me as a friend of same age. I came to Korea for a while during my promotions in the Philippines, and Goo HyeSun had brought me out to places like theme parks to play despite the fact that she was famous. She also guides me a lot.”

Following that, Sandara Park revealed a photo taken with Goo HyeSun 6 years ago, “My image back then was of mischievous kid. And Goo HyeSun was like a princess.”

Sandara Park also revealed, “When Goo HyeSun was starring in Boys Over Flowers, I had wanted to ask her to introduce me to the others, but being introvert, I couldn’t. MC Kim ShinYoung then asked, “Who do you want to be introduced to?” And she answered, “All of them are cool…” Goo HyeSun then said, “All F4 members like Sandara Park very much. Let’s wait and see.”

Sandara Park then said, “This is a secret from president (Yang HyunSeok)” the comment had the other star appearances in laughter.

And when asked which F4 member she wants to introduce Sandara Park to, Goo HyeSun answered “Kim HyunJoong”. Sandara Park then commented, “JiHoon seonbae is cool.”

And about what 2NE1 is doing lately, Sandara Park said, “We have been practising and taking vocal and choreography lessons, and are healthy.”

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