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Face behind You’re Beautiful’s “What Should I Do” song

You're Beautiful may have ended last week, with many still unable to believe that it's really over, including me, and thus still continuing to be a talking point among many on the internet.

Remember the song, What Should I Do in the drama?

The song was the one that linked much of the story's plot between Hwang Tae Kyung (Jang Geun Suk) and Go Mi Nyu (Park Shin Hye) and many were wondering who the singer, Park Da Ye was.

The song has managed to be ranked in the top 10 on many charts but a click on the singer's profile turns up nothing, with many curious about her identity.

So who is Park Da Ye? Well, she is actually a singer who can write her own songs, and is planning to release her own album in March 2010. She had previously sang for the movie, Movie is Movie and drama, Cain & Abel. She has also participated in the Banana Girl project and So Ji Sub's special CD, G as well. But she has really gained prominence in recent times thanks to the huge popularity of You're Beautiful.

PK Entertainment said, "We are happy that Park Da Ye has managed to leave a good impression on many with her song for the drama. Please wait in anticipation for her debut album early next year."

credit : GhostWriter@allkpop +JKpopSub10@youtube+ as labeled

Kim HyunJoong and SooAe casted for upcoming movie ‘You Are My Pet’

Actress SooAe and SS501 Kim HyunJoong will meet in a movie.

A movie staff said on 30th November, “SooAe and Kim HyunJoong has been cast for the movie ‘You are my pet’ as the female and male leader characters. The movie will be directed by Kim ByungGon.”

The movie is about an episode of a beautiful and talent fashion magazine editor’s ‘cohabitation with a pretty boy. SooAe will be playing the fashion magazine editor and Kim HyunJoong will be the ‘pet’ flower boy.

Kim HyunJoong’s agency said, “We have not finished the process of signing the contract. But we will confirmed everything by middle of the year.”

The movie is an adaptation of 10-part Japanese drama aired in 2003. This will be Kim HyunJoong’s next acting attempt after ‘Boys Over Flowers’ earlier this year.

Tentatively the movie is set to air in 2010.

credit : sookyeong@ KBites + as labeled

* Well, Ji hOO Sunbae transform to PETTO? I've already watch Kimi Wa Petto, Matsumoto JUN (Domyoji-Hana Yori Dango) played as a pet on that drama..and the role really suit him..he was so adorable + cute! But imagine Kim Hyun Joong played the role..uhhh?what do you think? If you are fan of Hwang Bo+ Kim Hyun Joong couple on should know a little bit of his character ..He even hate to wear Couple T-shirt!But i hope he can improve more and prove to all that he really can act..A psycho Or an insane role, i think he can do the best..CUTE & do BALLET?, this will be a big challenge to him!^_^..AndI will be fully support him, no matter what criticism he got!Kim Hyun Joong, FIGHTING!^_*.Cant wait to see him again on screen!~_~

[noted: Maybe i don't get over YAB yet, but i think Jeremy/Hongki will play the best for PETTO role!^_*.What do you think?]

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Netizens Want To See Drama Couple Park ShinHye and Jang GeunSeok Date In Real Life!

Netizens have chosen Jang Geun Seok and Park Shin Hye, cast of recent drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ as the drama couples they want to see date in real life.

According to a staff of community site DCInside recently, a survey was done from 17th till 24th November asking netizens to choose the drama couples they wish to see date each other in real life. And 5,579 netizens participated in the poll.

The results showed Jang GeunSeok-Park ShinHye at #1, and at #3 is another couple from drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ which is Jung YoungHwa-Park ShinHye.

At #2 is Lee MinJung-Jung KyungHo of SBS drama ‘Smile, You’.

credits : sookyeong@ KBites + as labeled

BTS Imaginary Bed Scene

* They are pretty close to each cute!^_^

You're Beautiful Goodbye Video

This sweet video is from NulSarangHae channel @ Youtube [Thanks a lot dear!]. Mix of scene from Episode 15 & 16. The song from OST1 & OST2, include :

My Heart Is Cursing - Kim DongWon
Goodbye - Jang GeunSuk
Without A Word - Park ShinHye
Song For A Fool - Park Sang Woo

What Should I Do - Park Da Hye
Promise You - A.N.JELL
Without A Word - Jang Geun Suk
As Ever / Still - A.N.JELL
Lovely Day - Park Shin Hye

* Let say Goodbye to You're Beautiful, for now..i hope..:)..To You're Beautiful crew, we're all be anticipating for Season 2!^_*..

credit : NulSarangHae @ youtube

Kim Hyun-joong Wants to be Insane

Who doesn’t like a little crazy?

Flower boy Kim Hyun-joong “wants to receive a role as a mentally insane/deranged person.”

On KBS 2TV variety program “Happy Together,” the SS501 member expressed that after playing the gentle Yoon Ji-hoo in the drama “Boys Over Flowers” (KBS), he had been getting a lot of calls about movie and drama roles, and he hopes to get a role as a crazy person. Alternatively, Kim Hyun-joong said that he would also like to play a no-good, foolish, hectic type of strong character.

The reason? “Subordinate characters who can’t cope with his own burden’s come up,” but he wants to try a strong individual character.

Do you want to see a crazy Kim Hyun-joong? Or, should he stick to “the second guy,” Yoon Ji-hoo-type roles?.

credit : PopSeoul + as labeled

* i said, if he wants to be seriously on acting, he should work harder with his acting skill, even i think on BOF he's just fine, but its just me!^_*..Love to see him on drama soon! [I've read an entry, state that he will be cast on remake Kimi Wa Petto *J-Drama*..Well, just wait and see!^_^]

Profile On Hong Sisters Writing Duo

Scriptwriters Hong Mi-ran, Hong Jung-eun

I found this entry and like to share them with all of you out there!^_^. Compiled the information below from various interviews over the past few years and highlighted some of their statements about their past dramas.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the Hong Sisters are a team of two sisters who have made a name for themselves in recent years in the kdrama world, notably in the romantic-comedy genre. In five years, they have penned five hit drama series — and while the last two did not break 20% ratings, they did succeed in stirring passionate fan response and creating buzz commensurate with the others. The dramas are:

  • Delightful Girl Chun-hyang, KBS 2005
  • My Girl, SBS 2005-06
  • Fantasy Couple, MBC 2006
  • Hong Gil Dong, KBS 2008
  • You’re Beautiful, SBS 2009

I’ve been a fan of writers Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran since their first series and have followed them faithfully, and they never disappoint. Let’s keep fingers crossed that You’re Beautiful does the same as it concludes its run.

Older sister is Hong Jung-eun, 35 years old, while younger sibling Hong Mi-ran is 32. This means that at the time their first drama series (Delightful Girl Chun-hyang) was causing a stir with its fresh comic feel (it ended with a 32% rating), the sisters were only 31 and 28 years old.

The Hongs are certainly not the only famous screenwriters around — others like Kim Soo-hyun and Noh Hee-kyung command much respect for their body of work — but the sisters are perhaps the most famous writers in the romantic-comedy sphere, and possibly the youngest to have achieved such a high level of recognition. Most dramas are marketed on the strength of its actors, and then directors. But the Hongs’ dramas gain notice on the strength of their names, and after five series, they’ve established something of a brand.

Hong Jung-eun explained how she began working with her younger sister, saying, “We were both working in the entertainment industry when we decided to work together on a drama. If our first project had failed, we probably wouldn’t have been able to continue.”

Hong Mi-ran responded to a question of whether they were likely to break up, saying, “We write just with the two of us. You could call it a family operation. If we were to split up, our family would split up. [Working separately] won’t happen.”

After all, they say, “Our total IQ is 200. My sister’s is 100, and mine is 100. What other writer has an IQ of 200?”

They credit their father as the person they respect most, and live by the motto, “Let’s not disgrace Father.” He’d instilled a strong work ethic into the girls at a young age: “We grew up hearing that we had to study in order to earn a living. That’s why the people in our dramas also work hard to earn their livings.”

With the three child actors of Fantasy Couple

Around the time that their third drama, Fantasy Couple, was wrapping in December 2006, they discussed in an interview how they felt about their teamwork:

The two of you have written three dramas together. Do you want to write separately?

“No. While writing a 16-episode miniseries, the hardest part is the middle. Because you have to maintain tension through the end, you can’t use up all your ideas, but you can’t slow down, either. At those times, I think, ‘How do I write this difficult thing all on my own?’ [Laughs] That’s why we never fight when writing scripts. We fight over who does the dishes or when we eat or things like that. [Laughs]”

Fantasy Couple was loved by a lot of viewers, and there were a lot of requests for an extension or Season 2. Do you have plans for a continuation?

“Sorry to say, Fantasy Couple isn’t a story that can have a Season 2. Chul-soo and Anna have already won their love, so it has reached a good ending.”

Lee Dong-wook and Lee Da-hae of My Girl

They have also managed to reinvent the careers of several of their leading ladies. Han Chae-young was a sexy “Barbie doll” known for her figure more than her acting when her role as Chun-hyang turned her sultry image on its head and transformed her into a plucky, optimistic, hard-working model student. Lee Da-hae had a somewhat heavy, sad image from Lotus Flower Fairy, and surprised viewers by going sassy and cute in My Girl. Han Ye-seul was dogged in her early career by criticism for her poor acting until her privileged, rude Anna character won viewers over with her notable catchphrases in Fantasy Couple. The sisters were so impressed with Sung Yuri in Hong Gil Dong that they posted up strong praise and defense of her acting on the drama’s webpage.

They explained, “If we use star actors, we’d attract attention at first, but we choose to put more importance on characters with individuality and personality.”

Fun fact: The sisters had considered calling My Girl by other names like False Siblings or Lying Girl before settling on My Lie, which then became My Girl.

Sung Yuri and Kang Ji-hwan in Hong Gil Dong

Naturally, ratings are something that can’t be ignored, and are a necessary evil in the industry. Their first two dramas (Chun-hyang, My Girl) were quite successful, but the third (Fantasy Couple) struggled a bit in the beginning. It started with a 11.1%, and they explain that they were able to rest their minds when the numbers started to climb, ending with a series high of 22.7%.

Fantasy Couple is the most talked-about drama in the second half of 2006, but it didn’t have the highest ratings.

“Ultimately, the ratings are the unit of measure that matter so it would be a lie to say that we didn’t think of them. Having a drama on a broadcast network means that it is available to the whole country, so if possible we would like for a lot of people to watch, but the dramas airing in the same hour had high ratings. There were a lot of fun parts in Episodes 1 through 4 that I’m disappointed that people didn’t see.”

The story was a little different with Hong Gil Dong, which was a modest success at best, with ratings averaging in the teens.

Hong Gil Dong is longer than a general miniseries at 24 episodes.

We began really fearlessly. [Laughs] A 24-episode drama isn’t merely a matter of making 8 more episodes of a 16-episode drama. It felt like it was twice as long. I think the crew had a rough time, too.”

Ratings weren’t bad, but they weren’t high.

“Although we lost some viewers in the beginning who didn’t get drawn in, but there were a set group of viewers who avidly followed the drama. Truthfully, as writers we don’t feel disappointment as much as we feel sorry to the actors. They should be more popular and be shooting more CFs now.”

But it seems like the actors have benefited.

Kang Ji-hwan shouldered the responsibility for this drama and didn’t show that he felt inferior because of it. With Sung Yuri, she acted the part of Enok so well that we were startled. The reason I wrote a post on the drama’s forum is because I felt bad that she had been criticized in the past and hadn’t received as much notice when she had acted so well. Jang Geun-seok is a handsome, cool actor and despite his young age, he erased his childlike looks and showed a different kind of charisma than Gil Dong as the king.”

Han Ye-seul and Oh Ji-ho of Fantasy Couple

The Hong Sisters have created a trademark style with their fast, fun narratives and memorable characters, whether it’s a breakout lead actor (Jae Hee, Kang Ji-hwan) or a standout supporting character (Kang-ja of Fantasy Couple).

The “Hong Sisters drama” has already become a brand. You have several things that have become core characteristics, but which must also come with preconceptions. That must give rise to dilemmas as you write.

“First of all, I think a Hong Sisters drama is expected to make you laugh. When Delightful Girl Chun-hyang first aired, it was best when people watched without preconceptions. However, now we feel pressure to meet expectations and satisfy people. I even briefly thought about making our next drama without putting our names on it. [Laughs] I think there’s also the preconception that we’ll use a manhwa-like sensibility and childish, unrealistic developments. A little while ago, I went to the filming location [of Hong Gil Dong] and met with the lighting director. I was a little afraid of how to light the first episode, but he said that he had gone for bold, psychedelic lighting. It was director Lee Jung-sub’s decision to use belly dancers. In the script, we had just written that the gisaeng house feels like a modern-style nightclub, but because it was touted as a Hong Sisters drama, people thought that everything had been our idea. [Laughs] Of course, there are aspects that are comfortable, because there are things that people just accept because it’s the Hong Sisters.”

One of your trademarks is your imagination and liveliness. What is the source of that? Also, how do you work together?

“The television and manhwa books we read as kids? Actually, we don’t have a division of labor system. Our two brains think as one. Writing together is only possible if it’s based on doing everything together, 24 hours a day. We don’t set aside separate time to work, so our entire lifestyle becomes work. That’s why, when we begin working on a drama, we can’t do anything else. [Jung-eun says] I can’t meet a husband and [Mi-ran says] I can’t date.”

Is there a difference in your personal tastes?

“Our personalities are extremely different, but the things we hate are really the same. Our brains don’t work with those things. That’s why we can make progress. We cut off the things we dislike and talk with each other about the things we like, and out of that we come up with even better ideas. Also, because we’re sisters, we don’t feel embarrassed with each other. We start by talking about things other people would consider absurd or shocking. And we just boldly insert things in our dramas that could appear light or immature to others.”

Do you have interest in doing genre dramas?

“We do think of doing this and that. We could do one with slightly less emphasis on comedy, or a different style of comedy, or a cult comedy type. A lot of people see our dramas as light and immature, and some people misconstrue that we’re deliberately trying to shed that image. However, what’s clear is that no matter what the drama, we have no intention of getting rid of our individuality. We tell each other jokingly that we won’t emphasize profundity. [Laughs] Gil Dong’s story has some difficult aspects, but we treated it somewhat easily. In the same vein, inasmuch as we made a Hong Sisters style sageuk drama this time, even if we do an action noir or an adultery melodrama, I think our personality will come out in it.”

Jang Geun-seok two ways: In Hong Gil Dong and You’re Beautiful

You’re Beautiful has a lot of the Hongs’ trademark characteristics, from the hilarious situations, quirky side characters, fast developments, and yes, some toilet humor. I think this has both its strengths and drawbacks, because as much as I enjoy their work, I don’t think they’re perfect, not by a long shot. They do have flaws, but I think their strengths far outnumber them.

When all is said and done, they’ve accomplished a remarkable feat — all five of their dramas, completed within the first five years of their careers, have achieved some measure of success. While You’re Beautiful has had the lowest ratings of them all, one can’t call it a failure after all the fervor it has sparked among fans and the buzz it’s created. If that’s their worst-performing show to date, then they’ve got a pretty solid resume, no?

On November 21, with the drama nearing its last week, the writers posted a message on the drama’s forum, expressing their thanks to director and the stars, in particular their leading man Jang Geun-seok, to whom they awarded “100 points out of a possible 10.”

Without them all, “the drama known as You’re Beautiful may have existed only as a file in my computer. Thank you to everyone.”

Credit : + as labeled

* Their dramas got all 5* from me! Especially Hong Gil Dong, Jang Geun Suk character very different from YAB. He was so serious, with all 24 episode, you can count how many times he smile but on YAB, not only killing smile also the cute pout!*faint*faint*..^_*Lovable!

Gong Yoo (Coffee Prince) Will Be Released From Military Duties Soon

Another upcoming army release! Get ready to welcome back Coffee Prince actor Gong Yoo — while fellow actor Chun Jung -myung was released today, Gong Yoo will be discharged on December 8. Both enlisted at the height of their popularity last year, and the fan love is still going strong as they prepare for the their returns.

Gong Yoo enlisted on January 2, 2008, when he was still riding high from the high praise he received for his role in Coffee Prince. While he’d had lead roles before, that was the one that garnered him a solid reputation as a strong actor. Already he is being targeted with “love calls” (calls of interest for possible projects) for his comeback project from as diverse genres as romantic comedies and thrillers.

As we have seen time and time again, there’s always a high level of interest in the first projects taken on by returning actors. Some jump right back into the fray, while others like Won Bin and Go Soo have taken their time. We’ll have to see if Gong Yoo falls into the former category or the latter.

Credit : + as labeled

* Cant wait too see Gong Yoo Oppa!^_*..Love him So much On Coffee Prince!Hopefully he will be on new drama ASAP, (Since YAB already end, i need another drama to feed my addiction!O.O)

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SS501 Goodbye Stages This Week, Ending Promotions For ‘Rebirth’ Album

SS501 will end their promotions for their ‘Rebirth’ album with broadcast appearances this week.

This album, released by the group after 1 years and 7 months, has been doing well on charts with its title song ‘Love Like This’ going up to the #1 spots on music charts and also winning the #1 on K Chart on KBS Music Bank.

The album was actually released later than planned due to fraud cases of plagiarised songs given for their title song during the preparation of the album. Hence it was an album with great meaning to the group since they have went through a tough process for it, and it is also long awaited by Korean fans. But it was paid off since the album received great responses from fans and it sold over 100K copies.

SS501 will be doing some overseas promotions after ending their domestic promotions. They are very well received in the Asian region during their recent Asian tour in countries like Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China etc.

They will be performing on KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo this week for their goodbye stage. And they will also be appearing next month on the 5th for a special episode of MBC Music Core in JeJu Island.

redit : sookyeong@KBites

Hard To Say Goodbye

Jang Geun Suk

It seems like fans of You're Beautiful aren't the only ones sad to see the drama end (I know, i am!) since Jang Geun Suk has expressed some disappointment on his part as well.

Jang Geun Suk said,

"I've been so happy during the times I was living as 'Hwang Tae Kyung' that it'll be really hard for me to let that character go. I've become quite close with writers Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran, director Hong Sung Chan, all the staff that worked hard to make this drama, and all the actors I've worked with through the filming of this drama, so I'm really saddened to bid my farewells to them as well. Previously, I've acted roles of characters who were much older and mature than I am, or more tough and cynical than I am - but my character in 'You're Beautiful' was very close in age to me and I was free to depict cute and happy parts of my character for once, which made me happy. Hwang Tae Kyung is similar to me in the sense that I hate putting less than my all into everything I do, and I can't stand it if I'm lacking anything in something I'm trying to do. It's not because I want to hear things like. 'You're doing really well,' 'You're the best,' and other things like that. It's because I feel that the viewers won't be satisfied if I myself am not satisfied with my work. I'm the type to try my best in everything, whether or not I can do it. I feel like I could've done better if I re-filmed this drama, but I put all my efforts into it and did my best so I have no regrets, even though I'm a bit sad."

And he had a final message for all his fans who loved the drama: "Thank you for all your love. If there is ever a Season 2 of this drama, I'd really love to meet all of you again."

*This drama has gone by so quickly... Seems like its start yesterday..what did you guys think of it?

credit : rhyelee@allkpop

You're Beautiful Final Group Photo Revealed


Yesterday, a final group photo was unveiled on the official homepage of SBS's You're Beautiful.

The picture revealed Park Shin Hye holding a cake with Hong Sung Chang PD, Jang Geun Suk, Lee Hongki, Jung Yong Hwa, After School's UEE, Kim In Kwon, and Chae Soo Eun standing together with smiles.

The caption to this photo reads,

After today, we will only be able to see A.N.JELL through the pictures and videos in the homepage, right? At dawn today, A.N.JELL, the boss, coordinator and director gathered together for our final group photo.

You're Beautiful is now finished after the broadcast of its final (16th) episode on the 26th. Taking over on December 2nd will be the new drama titled, Will It Snow On Christmas?, with cast consisting of Han Ye Seul, Go Soo, Sun Woo Sun and Song Jong Ho.

Credit: maestro-J@allkpop

Ji Hoo Sunbae & Shin Woo Hyung Will Be Work Togather??

Exited?? Read this!^_^

SS501 Kim Hyun Joong and newcomer talent Jung YoungHwa have been chosen as the new MCs for MBC ‘Sunday Night’.

Kim PD said during a press conference on 23rd November, “Kim HyunJoong and Jung YoungHwa will be for the new corner on ‘Sunday Night’ called ‘Korea Ecosystem Rescue Centre, Hunters’ to be aired on 6th December.”

This will be a corner where celebrity MCs will go out to capture wild boars. The PD added, “Even right now, the MCs are working hard with the qualified professionals capturing the wilde boars in KyeongSan IlRyeong. Every week, the 7 MCs will get training for about 2D1N and go out to hunt for the wild boars. This week it will be IlRyeong, and next week it will be in AhnDong.”

The PD added, “There are about 170 thousand wild boars in our country, the population has increased 4x than before. If the government do not do something to control the population, it can pose as harm to the ecosystem in our country. We want to bring awareness about the ecosystem in our country and also bring down the population of wild boars through this show. The captured wild boars will either be given to nursing homes or given to the less fortunate to be eaten.”

The other MCs on the show are Hwang JungEum, Jung GaEun, Han JiMin and Han HyoJoo etc.

Credits : Sookyeong@ KBites

*I'll bet it will be HUGE!What do you think??*O*

New Link For OST 2 You're Beautiful COMPLETE

I'm updating the link of OST 2 of YAB which be deleted with the complete OST 2, include

01. Song for a Fool - Park Sang Woo
02. Without Words - Jang Keuk Juk
03. What Should I Do - Park Da Ye
04. Goodbye - Jang Keuk Juk
05. Lovely Day (Acoustic Version) - Park Shin Hye
06. What Should I Do (Instrumental)
07. Goodbye (Instrumental)
08. Song for a Fool (Instrumental)

Click here to proceed the DL, hurry up! As u know nothing last 4 Eva!^_^..Njoy!*Last post for today!^_*

credits: jsoriano1992

Update Of A.N.Jell Mini Concert For The Last Episode

As previously announced, the cast of SBS’s You’re Beautiful held another mini-concert on November 23, where footage was shot for the drama’s final episode, which airs this Thursday.

The mini-concert was held at Seoul’s Melon AX Hall at 6pm and featured all four of its main cast members — Jang Geun-seok, Park Shin-hye, Lee Hong-ki, Jung Yong-hwa — who make up the fictional idol band A.N.JELL in the show. Even with only a few days’ notice, a crowd of more than 2,500 fans showed up.

A source with the production company explained, “The first concert happened before the drama began airing, and I was shocked by fans who showed up through word of mouth. But this ending concert doesn’t even compare to that in how much the fans cheered, which made me feel the enthusiasm for the drama for real. The actors and production team were spurred by that as they continue filming.”

Naturally, the concert featured the songs that have been prominently featured in the drama, which were sung by the actors themselves. Those included A.N.JELL’s “Promise” and “Still”; Jang Geun-seok also sang a few solos with “Good Bye” and “What Do I Do,” the latter of which is the track Tae-kyung remakes for his mother in the drama. Park Shin-hye sang her character’s theme song, “Lovely Day.”

Jang said, “Now that You’re Beautiful is ending, I feel really sad. SBS is wondering if they should seriously consider making a Season 2. Because we were scheduled against such a huge drama [IRIS], there was a lot of talk about us being doomed to die in the timeslot, but the fact that we stayed alive is the power of you all.”

(Note: Don’t get too carried away — this does NOT mean there will be a Season 2!)

After everything had ended, Jang said, “Thank you for coming to our final episode shoot. Thanks to you, I’m very happy.” Park Shin-hye said, “Thanks to You’re Beautiful, I’ve gained so much.” Lee Hong-ki concluded by saying, “In the future, we won’t be acting just as A.N.JELL anymore but as individuals, so please keep watching for us. Later on, I’ll set up my own agency and produce A.N.JELL myself.”

Meanwhile, the soundtrack continues to be a hit. Last month, it had sold more than 20,000 albums within its first week, which is an unusually high number for a soundtrack. Well, it has continued to perform strongly and has now sold more than 30,000 units total.


*Anticipating for the last Episode tomorrow! Episode 15 already available on Viikii..^_^..Saranghea Viikii YAB Team!^_*

Fatigue!Jang Geun Suk Taken To Hospital

I read this news a moment ago..Ohhh...i feel so sorry for him, he must overwork lately. Hopefully he will recover ASAP! Finally YAB comes to end, awesome work to all the You're Beautiful teamwork! 2 thumbs up!^_^ and i know, everyone out there feel like me..SEASON 2 Please!!

Here the news from imyachan@KBites

News came out on Nov 26, that handsome actor Jang GeunSuk of SBS Drama “You’re Beautiful” was taken to the hospital the soonest he ends the drama last episode filming.

Jang GeunSuk agency,”He is brought to the hospital due to accumulated fatigue. Now he’s alright and resting”.

Jang GeunSuk is definitely need some rest as he has such a tight upcoming schedule to deal with. On Nov 29,the actor will fly to Tokyo-Japan to attend his exclusive Fan Meeting in Nagano Sun Plaza then in the coming December 5, he will also has a Fan Signing event to commemorate the opening of “Samsung Mobile” flagship store in Jongno.

credits : imyachan@KBites

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OST2 You're Beautiful Link is Deleted

Unfortunate the link for OST2 YAB was already deleted from Mediafire . I will find another link for OST2 MP3 and put it here again!^_..Remember nothing last forever!

* Today i will watch Ep 15 Online, But after i watch IRIS On KBS2.^_^And tonight the last Episode of You're Beautiful will be airing at Korea in a moment, I started miss A.N.Jell already..~_~! But, Anticipating for tomorrow last Episode On Viikii!(Now the online viewer increase to 2.8++ million!lets make it 3 Million!^_*..YAB Fighting!

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A.N.JELL 2nd Mini Concert For The Last Episode

Prior to the drama’s premiere, a mini-concert had been staged featuring A.N.JELL, the band within the drama You’re Beautiful, for concert scenes that were used in an early episode. With the drama coming to a close, producers have announced that they’ll be holding a second mini-concert in two days’ time.

The first mini-concert was held on September 20, and although the drama hadn’t yet aired, 1,500 people showed up to participate as audience members. (I’m sure it helped that Jang Geun-seok and Lee Hong-ki already had solid fanbases.) This second concert’s footage will be used in the upcoming week’s finale episode, and a notice has been posted on the official webpage inviting fans to participate. It will take place at 6pm on November 23 at the same location as the first concert, Seoul’s MelOn AX Hall.

Meanwhile, You’re Beautiful wraps up its broadcast run this Thursday with Episode 16. (I know there are rumors about a Season 2, but I’m pretty sure that’s wishful thinking based on half-joking words. Apparently Jung Chan, who plays President Ahn Sung-chan, capped off an interview by spouting a litany of English words — in the style of his character — which included, “Jackpot, season 2, let’s go!”)

*credit :

*Yez!!Let's gO season 2!^_^..

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Mp3 Format For You're Beautiful OST 2

Click the link below if you fell in love with the song!^_*..

1. Goodbye - Jang Geun Seuk [ Click here ]

2. A Song For A Fool - Park Sang Woo [ Click here ]

3. What Shoul I Do - Park Da Ye [ Click here ]


OST 2 You're Beautiful With Eng Sub

Here the MV of 2nd Ost on You're Beautiful drama. I really love Jang Geun Seuk voice! Manly! ^_^. With only 2 episode remains, im really anticipating!! Enjoy the vid while waiting the DAY!^_*

[EngSubbed] Goodbye - Jang Geun Seuk [You're Beautiful OST2]

[EngSubbed] A Song For The Fool - Park Sang Woo [You're Beautiful OST2]

Cut From Episode 13 - 100 Points + Fly Me To The Moon - Hwang Tae Kyung & Go Mi Nam

credit : NulSaRangHae & ubepao @ youtube + as labeled

Towel Guy??^_*..Guess whO!!

Only one clue this time ! He is the latest K-drama prince charming!

Let your mind play and go under the cut to see whether u guessed it right or not!

He is the “towel guy” Kang ShinWoo a.k.a Jung YoungHwa of “You’re Beautiful” drama.

Gaining his popularity via the popular drama singer-actor Jung YoungHwa is definitely getting people’s attention!

His old pics are revealed and currently circulating around the internet as people wants more of him!

A treat for all Kang ShinWoo Jung YoungHwa fans!

Plus, His various expressions!

* This guy is HOT!!^_**jump*jump*jump*

credits : imuyachan@ K Bites + as labeled

Spolier!Wedding Scene On Last Episode Of You're Beautiful???


Go Minam in wedding dress together with Hwang TaeKyung – is it just imagination or reality?

SBS ongoing weekday drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ took its filming team to Japan Okinawa for 4 days 3 nights filming recently on 19th November. And photos of Park ShinHye and Jang GeunSeok in wedding outfits are revealed.

The filming took place near a small church and the team was filming a wedding scene between the 2. Park Shin Hye was seen in a lovely white wedding dress.

Much anticipation if the scene is a real scene in the drama or just an imagination of the characters in the show.

It is said that the team will be filming overnight for the last story of A.N.JELL.

The last episode of You’re Beautiful will air on 26th November.*Can't wait!*^_*

Here some more picture of wedding scene .njOy!^_^

credit : sookyeong@K Bites + as labeled

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A.N Jell Going To Japan For You're Beautiful Last Episode


With only 4 Episode remains, the last episode will be filming somewhere at Japan, 2 more weeks to go!!!

The production company decided to film the last scenes of the drama in Japan, from November 18th to the 22nd. They chose to go all the way to Japan despite their tight and busy schedule for the filming of the final scenes.

A representative of "You're Beautiful" said, "After discussion, we decided to proceed with the filming in Japan."
Why did they have to go all the way to Japan for the final filming? The representative said, "We wanted to depict a beautiful ending, therefore we moved the setting to a location in Japan."

So, does this mean that there will be a happy ending? Well, we may never know until the day of last episode because they revealed that,"The Hong sisters are currently writing and editing the final scripts. Therefore, we do not know the definite ending yet."

On a side note, anyone who watched the 12th episode of "You're Beautiful" should remember the scene when Kang Sin Woo played the guitar and sang a song called "A Song for a Fool/Because I'm Stupid". After the episode aired, Jung Yong Hwa, has been getting lots of praise for being the perfect actor for the sweet and ideal man, Kang Sin Woo.

credits: Jeshicaa@allkpop+as labeled

* i've already exited because we will know the ending between Go Mi Nam and Hwang Tae Kyung+the mysterious of Go Mi Nam parents, but also sad..later after episode 16, there are no more A.N.Jell!:(

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You're Beautiful Cast Interview with High Cut

It was an interview with YAB Cast, after this week episodes there only left 2 more weeks before there series wraps. Cant wait until tomorrow morning to watch episode 10, this drama should be in their climax of plot very soon..^_^
So a vid an translation interview will fill up your time until we can watch YAB with eng sub!^_^

In the clip, Park Shin-hye starts by explaining the cast’s nicknames for each other (which are explained in more detail below), and then starts reciting one of her lines when Lee Hong-ki appears. Hong-ki takes over and imitates one of Mi-nam’s lines from the scene in Episode 1 where she’s drunk at the party, and Shin-hye acts Jeremy’s part. Jung Yong-hwa arrives and Shin-hye recites his line from the Towel Scene. And then everyone imitates Jang Geun-seok.

They only sleep one to two hours a night and are wrestling with last-minute script pages, but the You’re Beautiful team was asked for a short interview. The clock read 1:30 am. The reason the interview went longer than asked is because of those unstoppable “pretty boys.” At times serious, at times playful, their moonlit chatter doesn’t stop. This is the unstoppable relay between Jang Geun-seok, Park Shin-hye, Lee Hong-ki, and Jung Yong-hwa.

How would it be having a girlfriend like Go Mi-nam?

Hong-ki: “Go Mi-nam is a really pure and kind girl, although her appearance is boyish.”

Geun-seok: “I think I’d feel burdened. If we dated, I’d feel like she might get dirtier.”

Hong-ki: “I’d feel too sorry to her to date. She’s so kind that even if I did something wrong, she’d keep forgiving me. I like fun girls. Someone where we build up a lot of memories and affection by going through a lot of problems and incidents together.”

Geun-seok (in rapid interview mode): “Hong-ki, do you have an ideal woman among celebrities?”

Hong-ki (very seriously): “I do. Song Hye-gyo. What about you, Geun-seok hyung?”

Geun-seok (momentarily pausing): “I don’t. Um… Aside from Park Shin-hye, I don’t have anyone. Keke.”

Yong-hwa: “I like good-hearted girls. Someone who doesn’t lie, who shows her emotions on her face… I like Go Mi-nam, too. Since I’m Shin-woo.”

Geun-seok: “What if Park Shin-hye asked to date you?”

Shin-hye (suddenly solemn): “That will not happen.”

Yong-hwa (with a special smile): “I’d have to take care of her. Because I’m Shin-woo.”

HIGH CUT:: “Shin-hye sshi, between the prickly Hwang Tae-kyung, gentle Kang Shin-woo, and quirky Jeremy, who is closest to your ideal man?”

Shin-hye: “Choose between prickly, gentle, and quirky? Um… As a character, the most attractive is the prickly Hwang Tae-kyung?”

Geun-seok: “Ah… so Shin-hye shows her feelings for me again.”

Yong-hwa: “I’m telling you, no matter how much I cover her with that towel, it’s no use.” [Jung Yong-hwa earned the nickname of "Towel Guy" for the scene in the men's locker room for covering Go Mi-nam's eyes with a towel.]

Shin-hye: “Hwang Tae-kyung is the one to fall for the more you see him, Kang Shin-woo is the one who draws you the moment you see him, and Jeremy’s always fun to be with. To be honest, if I had to pick one between them it would be the prickly Hwang Tae-kyung.”

HIGH CUT:: “Do you like bad boys?”

Shin-hye: “Not exactly… um…”

Geun-seok: “If you ask women about liking bad boys, they will mostly deny it, but it’s true. They’d die before admitting it though.”

Shin-hye: “I never said I’d die before admitting it.” [Using Go Mi-nam's speech pattern] “Yes, that is true. You are attractive.”

Nicknames Renai-Jang, Avant-Hye, Hong-Star, Bolmae-Jung

Shin-hye: “There are nicknames we have for each other on set. Renai-Jang, Bolmae-Jung, Hong-Star, Avant-Hye…”

Geun-seok: “Shin-hye came up with Renai-jang, and I came up with Avant-Hye. Renai-jang comes from Renaissance Jang, because my ideal woman is a Renaissance type woman.”

HIGH CUT:: “Renaissance style? @.@”

Shin-hye: “Really feminine, very wifely and motherly. It’s like the style of women in the paintings drawn from the Renaissance to Rococo eras, when they wore dresses with small waists and large hips, and carried parasols.”

Hong-ki: “A woman in body and spirit, whose every feature is womanly.”

Geun-seok: “Shin-hye looks very boyish in the drama but in real life, she’s extremely feminine. At Chuseok time, the Mother Superior brought steamed chestnuts. Everyone was eating them by just biting into them, but Shin-hye had found a knife somewhere and was peeling them for us. It was such a feminine thing. Saying ‘You’re so Renaissance-like’ might make her feel nervous, so I called her ‘Avant-Garde Shin-hye’ instead, which is one step away from that, or ‘Avant-Hye.’”

Shin-hye: “‘Bolmae-Jung’ means ‘Yong-hwa Who Is Attractive Just As He Is’ [그대로 볼수록 매력적인 용화]. He is incredibly talented in songwriting and music, and he wrote the rap on the OST song ‘Promise’ himself. ‘Hong-Star’ is because he shines on his own. When I asked, ‘Hong-ki, what should we call you?’ he said, ‘Hong-Star!’”

Hong-ki: “I’ve been Hong-Star star since I was younger. It means I’d become a star, keke. That’s why Geun-seok hyung likes me a lot. Keke.”

A.N.JELL idols talk about idols

Geun-seok: “What is the concept of idols these days?”

Hong-ki: “These days, idols are young singers in a group. If a young singer comes out solo, they’re not an idol, they’re just a solo singer.”

Shin-hye: “In the past, it used to be that idols were 17 to 20 years old, but these days the range has broadened.”

Hong-ki: “The word idol is actually a really good word. It means the victory of teenagers. But if you don’t want to be called an idol and you start to be called it anyway, it can be difficult, just because of that one descriptor. Of course, celebrities have to manage their private lives, but the moment you become an idol, the restrictions increase. There are incredible things you gain, but also things you lose.”

Geun-seok: “There’s also the image that as an idol, you don’t live according to your personal life but that you’re a machine-like thing that moves according to the fans’ wishes. I haven’t tried being a singer so I don’t know for sure, but an actor absolutely cannot do that. To move according to the plans decided by the management company, like a flower in a greenhouse or a puppet, isn’t what an actor does. I’m a bit wild. If I go to the hair salon, I go alone. I really hate having a manager make an appointment for me or opening doors for me. Because this is my life. School, friends, that’s all on my own time, so I don’t understand why managers have to care about that and come into those areas.”

Hong-ki: “Because I am an idol, I feel the same way as hyung. Everyone dislikes excessive meddling, but there are aspects that you can’t control, because you’re one team. You can’t help it because it’s not about you.”

HIGH CUT:: “On the other hand, you get grand performances, hot popularity, and fans’ cheers and applause.”

Hong-ki: “That’s something you can’t forget.”

Shin-hye: “If you win some, you also lose some. Actors have our own lives too, but there are things like scandals and gossip that make people talk. You have to take responsibility for more things.”

HIGH CUT:: “As you act as A.N.JELL idols, do you ever get confused between reality and acting? Like you’re a four-member idol group yourselves.”

Shin-hye: “For me, after being with all four of us, when I find myself alone I feel empty. I start feeling down.”

Geun-seok: “Aside from an hour or two to shower, we’re together almost 24 hours a day. We’re really like an idol group.”

Shin-hye: “Actually, our lives right now are a lot like idols’ lives.”

Geun-seok: “Our shooting schedule is like an idol’s schedule. When we get the scripts, we barely have time to get familiar with them before we have to start shooting the next morning. Sometimes I feel sad about it, but finding your best within that is the skill of an actor. Everyone’s doing such a scary-good job that it’s startling.”

Hong-ki: “As we act, we barely have enough time to find own selves, but in the middle of that whirlpool we joke around and chat with each other. That may be an idol-like thing. Geun-seok hyung is good friends with a lot of idols. Shin-hye is good friends with me, and I’m an idol too.”

Shin-hye: “Of course! You’re the only idol I’m close to.”

In between the cast’s friendship and passion

HIGH CUT:: “Geun-seok sshi recently posted a message on the drama’s forum, which became widely talked about. The part about ‘It was my fault’ left an impression.”

Geun-seok: “My dongsaengs [younger castmates] had already written messages on the forums asking people to tune in. But I’m the eldest. This is my first time being the oldest on set. I thought that as the lead, I could have an influence on my dongsaengs, and it made me think about things more than the others. Rather than asking for people to watch, I thought that it might click more with people to express my thoughts about how things were, leading to the halfway point. It also came from feeling the burden. In any case, I couldn’t not talk about the ratings… I’m always like that to my dongsaengs, saying let’s not focus on the percentages but let’s have fun amongst ourselves. But because these guys are doing so well, I sometimes wonder if it’s a problem with me. As we came to the halfway point, I thought a lot about this and that.”

HIGH CUT:: “What’s your secret for gaining praise from viewers even while you’re wrestling with last-minute script pages and a killer schedule?”

Geun-seok: “All of us are pretty smart. We all know what ground we have to cover, our roles, and what we have to clearly express in each scene. If we are lacking in anything, it’s that we talk honestly with each other without reservations. That’s not regarding the acting, though… Also, when actors are working off each other, it’s difficult to maintain the same tension among all four people, but Shin-hye, Hong-ki, Yong-hwa and I amazingly are in tune with each other.”

Shin-hye: “Each of the four members has our own corner so the structure is like a rectangle, and a rectangle can’t roll. But it seems like we’re rolling along like a circle. We’re all similar in age, too…”

HIGH CUT:: “Because you each have an abundance of your own individual characteristics, it can’t be easy to roll along…”

Hong-ki: “I think we’re rolling along well because our personalities are pretty distinct.”

Shin-hye: “We make up for the gaps with the others, like fitting pieces to a puzzle. If a script comes out today that we’ll start filming tomorrow, we don’t have time to memorize it properly but when we work, it comes together so well it’s almost unreal. It’s amazing teamwork.”

Hong-ki: “When working with FT Island, when I get really tired, I can get bad-tempered. But here, when I get tired I joke around with Yong-hwa and Geun-seok hyung. When I arrive at the set in the mornings, Yong-hwa pounds on my car window. I’m a bit reserved, but we became friends right away. I’ve heard that people who are a little weird get along well. When I see Geun-seok hyung, he glares first. And I talk a lot with Shin-hye. I don’t have any time to feel depressed.”

Geun-seok (suddenly): “If you want to know what it’s like [in a sudden booming voice], KOONG!”

The three others (In perfect order, as though they were waiting for it): “JJAK!”

Koong-jjak is a sort of onomatopoeic expression of rhythm, like bang-thump.

Geun-seok (With Hwang Tae-kyung’s proud expression): “This is what our relationship is like.”

Shin-hye: “When Geun-seok oppa says ‘koong,’ we immediately say ‘jjak.’ That’s our relationship.”

What “You’re Beautiful” means in my life

Shin-hye: “It’s the best present to my 20-year-old self.”

Hong-ki: “It’s my best work after acting again as an adult.”

Yong-hwa: “It has a huge meaning that can’t be said in words. This is my first time on television, and I can’t forget it. There are the nicknames Towel Guy, even Milk Guy.”

Hong-ki: “Geun-seok hyung must feel so honored to have met Hong-ki…”

Geun-seok: “Um… It’s the fairy-tale-like story of young, beautiful kids. At some point, I’m sure I’ll change and go more macho, and my body will probably change. I want to pick out what the current, 23-year-old Jang Geun-seok looks like now, in this best time of life, the most beautiful time…”

Hong-ki: “The most ‘flower-like’ time. We’re flower buds, and hyung, you’ve bloomed. Keke.”

HIGH CUT:: “Shall we end this chat here for our flower-like young men?”

All four members: “Yes, thank you. Please don’t watch IRIS. Keke.”

credit : + jkimt08@youtube + as labeled

* The last dialog was hilarious!^_*..And they were really close to each other, when i watch the clip, i love the way they communicate in real life compare to the drama..^_^..YAB, Fighting!

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Attention To All K-Drama Viewers, Top Drama Iris will Airing At Our Own Televison Soon!^_^

Exited? Yeah, me too! With high-profile stars, Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Hee, Jung Joon Ho, Kim Seung Woo, Kim So Yun and T.O.P, Iris which now is currently the highest rating drama in Seoul, now will be showing this coming Wednesday (11/11/09) and Thursday (12/11/09) at 9.00pm Malaysia time. Will be airing at Satellite TV, Astro On channel 303 (KBS World) with Episode 1. Currently in Korea they will be air Episode 9 & 10..kinda late but..Anticipating!! ^_^.

I've already watch this drama until episode 4, then the video on Viikii being disable. They were forced to suspend the show of IRIS by the Copyright holder of IRIS. Team Viikii give several ways to watch it online, with or without eng sub. But because of the series will be showing here in my country(also yours), it will be better watch in HD!^_^with lots of action + romantic scene you will never disappointed, trust me! Its a second time i watch action K-Drama after Time Between Dog And Wolf, but i have to admit that this new series is..BOOM! It was thriller action drama, with more stunt + exploding scene + latest technology being used (no wonder, this is a Big Budget Drama with 20 billion won poured into it!). at 1st i think this drama remind me of tv series Alias..^_*
Click here for drama description + details (If you are a big fans of TOP Big Bang, you shouldn't miss this series!)

To viewers of another country, kindly click the link below to see your tv channel and airing time for Iris :

Asia Pacific (click here for schedule)
(Including : Japan, China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippine, Indonesia, Brunei, Mongolia, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, Guam and Saipan)

America (click here for schedule)
(Including : USA, Mexico, Colombia, Panama , Costa Rica, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, EL Salvador, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Samoa Guam)

Europe/CIS/Middle East/Africa/Oceania (click here for schedule)


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Create My Personal Blog..^_^

I make the decision to create another blog for my personal this blog officially will only posting K wave entry from now on..not all the news but certain news that im interested which include drama + actor + actress + ost + wallpaper etc, will share my opinion about them too. i don't know why im doing this, but the only reasons i know is, its just because im a Malaysian who fell in love with K-Drama + K-Pop = K-Wave..^_^ ..It just tO feeding my loneliness!^_*. And tO Other bloggers, if i take the news/vid/pic from your entry i will promise that the proper credits will be given!^_^..the credits will be shown before or in the end of entry.

click here to view my own personal blog..gudnite everyOne!^O^

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Downloads MP3 format For You're Beautiful OST

If u are addict to this drama just like me, watch the video not enough, rite? i've already have all the MP3 for this OST, now time for sharing with all of you out there!^_^

The MP3 OST's include :

1. Coming Down From the Sky - Oh Wonbin - Miss $
2. Lovely Day - Park Shin Hye
3. My Heart I Cursing - Kim Dongwoo
4. Promise - A.N. JELL
5. Promise - Lee Hongki
6. Still - A.N.JELL
7. Still/As Ever - FT Island
8. Still - Ver.Bossa
9. Without Words - 9th Street
10. Without Words - Park Shin Hye
11. Without Words - Ver. Piano

click here to begin the downloading for You're Beautiful OST MP3 Format. Enjoy..^_^

OST from You're Beautiful with English Subs

So far this is are all OST that been realese currently on YAB drama. IT's really addictive!^_*..just wanna share with you some of youtube vid here..^_*

[EngSubbed] Without Words / A Word - 9th Street [You're Beautiful OST]

[EngSubbed] As Ever / Still - Lee HongKi [You're Beautiful OST]

[EngSubbed] Promise - A.N.JELL [You're Beautiful OST]

[EngSubbed] My Heart Is Cursing - Kim Dong Wook [You're Beautiful OST]

[EngSubbed] Go MiNam 'Without Words' Singing Cut [EP.7]

[EngSubbed] Down From Heaven (With Oh WonBin) - Miss $ [You're Beautiful OST]

credits: NulSaRangHae@youtube

note: If u want take this video, and posting it else where, kindly as the permission from NulSaranghae click here.we have to appreciate her hard work for doin the subbing..^_^

You're Beautiful Will End With Episode 16

Happy but also sad, You're Beautiful will end on 26th November. Only 3 weeks left...:(.
The article from Seoulbeats by hijinx said :

" You’re Beautiful is not garnering as strong ratings as it had hoped, but it is holding its own considering that it is up against the hit drama IRIS. Many viewers didn’t give You’re Beautiful a chance thinking it was trying to be another Boys Over Flowers, but it is so much more. You’re Beautiful is funny, at times heart wrenching, and surprisingly unpredictable even for a jaded I-think-I-know-it-all like myself. The drama will end on November 26th with its 16th episode, there was an option for 20 episodes but since the ratings haven’t been great it doesn’t seem like that will happen. "

I don't know why the rating keep low (9%-10%), i really hope that this drama will extend to 20 episode. If u watch this series on viikkii, the viewers increase to 1.3 million..its a hit drama!! I know who reading this article also feel the same!^_^If u want to watch this drama click here. Its now showing all episode 1 to 10.



A.N.JELLs Picture for Korean magazine High Cut

credits : hijinx@seoulbeats + as labeled