Friday, November 27, 2009

Fatigue!Jang Geun Suk Taken To Hospital

I read this news a moment ago..Ohhh...i feel so sorry for him, he must overwork lately. Hopefully he will recover ASAP! Finally YAB comes to end, awesome work to all the You're Beautiful teamwork! 2 thumbs up!^_^ and i know, everyone out there feel like me..SEASON 2 Please!!

Here the news from imyachan@KBites

News came out on Nov 26, that handsome actor Jang GeunSuk of SBS Drama “You’re Beautiful” was taken to the hospital the soonest he ends the drama last episode filming.

Jang GeunSuk agency,”He is brought to the hospital due to accumulated fatigue. Now he’s alright and resting”.

Jang GeunSuk is definitely need some rest as he has such a tight upcoming schedule to deal with. On Nov 29,the actor will fly to Tokyo-Japan to attend his exclusive Fan Meeting in Nagano Sun Plaza then in the coming December 5, he will also has a Fan Signing event to commemorate the opening of “Samsung Mobile” flagship store in Jongno.

credits : imyachan@KBites

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