Friday, November 27, 2009

New Link For OST 2 You're Beautiful COMPLETE

I'm updating the link of OST 2 of YAB which be deleted with the complete OST 2, include

01. Song for a Fool - Park Sang Woo
02. Without Words - Jang Keuk Juk
03. What Should I Do - Park Da Ye
04. Goodbye - Jang Keuk Juk
05. Lovely Day (Acoustic Version) - Park Shin Hye
06. What Should I Do (Instrumental)
07. Goodbye (Instrumental)
08. Song for a Fool (Instrumental)

Click here to proceed the DL, hurry up! As u know nothing last 4 Eva!^_^..Njoy!*Last post for today!^_*

credits: jsoriano1992

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