Sunday, November 8, 2009

OST from You're Beautiful with English Subs

So far this is are all OST that been realese currently on YAB drama. IT's really addictive!^_*..just wanna share with you some of youtube vid here..^_*

[EngSubbed] Without Words / A Word - 9th Street [You're Beautiful OST]

[EngSubbed] As Ever / Still - Lee HongKi [You're Beautiful OST]

[EngSubbed] Promise - A.N.JELL [You're Beautiful OST]

[EngSubbed] My Heart Is Cursing - Kim Dong Wook [You're Beautiful OST]

[EngSubbed] Go MiNam 'Without Words' Singing Cut [EP.7]

[EngSubbed] Down From Heaven (With Oh WonBin) - Miss $ [You're Beautiful OST]

credits: NulSaRangHae@youtube

note: If u want take this video, and posting it else where, kindly as the permission from NulSaranghae click here.we have to appreciate her hard work for doin the subbing..^_^

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