Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Photo Of Yoon EunHye and Kim HyunJoong for Basic House

A new batch of photos of actress Yoon EunHye and idol Kim HyunJoong’s endorsement for clothing line Basic House has been revealed.

Go under the cut for the photoset.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

CNBLUE wins first Music Bank K-Chart!

Check out their hit-track I’m a Loner! It seems like every time we see them perform, they get better and better.

With the flush of comebacks from artists such as 2AM, SNSD and Kim Jong Kook, will I’m a Loner still stay strong on music charts? We’ll have to wait and see.

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Rain Wins Lawsuit Over Cancelled US Concerts

A South Korean court Thursday dismissed a lawsuit claiming almost four million dollars from singer and actor Rain, ruling he was not to blame for cancelled concerts during a troubled US tour.

Local entertainment group Wellmade STARM sued Rain and his agency JYP Entertainment in March last year for 4.57 billion won (3.95 million dollars) in damages.

The group, which financed Rain’s US tour in 2006-2007, claimed he breached a contract with it by failing to perform 16 concerts.

Judge Bae Kwang-Kuk said in his ruling, quoted by Yonhap news agency, that poor preparations by US promoters led to Rain’s aborted concerts.

The ruling came seven months after Rain settled a separate lawsuit over a cancelled concert in Honolulu in 2007.

A US court had ordered him and his agency to pay more than eight million dollars for breaching a contract with Hawaiian promoter Click Entertainment to perform the concert.

An agreement was reached last June to settle the case and avoid an appeal, Details were not disclosed.

Rain argued in the US case that the concert stage was not properly set up for him, and that he was unable to use his name in the United States because of a copyright challenge from a US Beatles tribute band also called Rain.

The 26-year-old singer, whose real name is Jung Ji-Hoon, is one of South Korea’s biggest celebrities and has a big following across Asia.

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Another awesome cover from C.N Blue – ‘Geek In The Pink’ on SBS Power FM

Rookie band C.N Blue did another great English cover during their appearance on SBS Power FM on 28th January, performing Jason Mraz’s ‘Geek In The Pink’.

Definitely scary rookies. Also check their ‘Loner’ live performance on the show under the cut.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

SS501 Persona Encore Concert ticket is sold out! Interpark server was down!

In the coming Feb 27 & 28 , top group SS501 will hold their Encore concert in Seoul Olympic Park.

The group started their Asia Tour since Aug 2009 and been touring overseas and visited places like Tokyo, Shanghai, Taipei, and Hong Kong. They will end their overseas concert by throwing a concert in Bangkok – Thailand on Feb 13,2010.

As for their upcoming Encore concert, an online ticketing site Interpark opened the 1st Day SS501 Persona Encore Concert ticket reservation yesterday (Jan 27,2010) from 7:00 pm local time. And according to Interpark staff, “The site visitor concurrently reached up until 50.000 people and this has made Interpark server down, yet, we recovered the site hurriedly and continue the ticket sales”. It is also reported that the soonest it’s opened Interpark has sold the whole 15.000 seat for the 1st day concert.

The Encore concert will be held at the Olympic Park – Gymnastics Stadium, Seoul in 2 days schedule : Feb 27 (7:00 pm) and Feb 28 (5:00 pm). DSP Media also stated that the fans will enjoy more interesting shows as the concert will be different from last year’s concert.

Meanwhile, SS501 2nd day Encore concert ticket reservation will be open via Interpark site as well

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

IRIS’s Kim Hye Jin is seven years older than she claimed?

Kim Hye Jin, who was in IRIS, stole the hearts of many Korean men; some say she’s prettier than costar Kim Tae Hee. But some might have to reconsider, because she’s actually thirty-five years old!

A representative from her company said, “Kim Hye Jin was born in 1975. She found our company very late, as she was doing all her activites by herself. This caused a problem with her age. We thought that we had to reveal this someday, as we wanted it to naturally come out on television.”

The actress’s profile stated her birthdate as February 28th, 1982, which put her at twenty-eight.

The representative then continued, “We didn’t have a chance to reveal this on national television. We then received a great chance, as she was cast on a morning show. But even then, that segment was cut out.”

Meanwhile, Kim Hye Jin is currently working on Shin Dong Yup’s Sweet Night as an MC.

Wow, I never thought she could be that old… Do you guys think that she looks 35?

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Who is Lee Minho’s leading lady?

Lee Minho would be playing a pseudo gay character for his upcoming MBC drama Personal Taste. In the drama, Lee Min Ho fakes being gay so he could be a roommate of a girl he likes.

Now, who’s the lucky lady that gets to act beside Lee Minho? It’s none other than the beautiful Son Ye Jin. Lee Minho’s character’s name is Jun Jin Ho and Son Ye Jin’s character’s name is Park Gae Il.

It’s been almost two years since we’ve seen Son Ye Jin in a drama so many of her fans are pretty excited. You will all have to wait till April to start watching this anticipated drama.

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[BreakingNews] GDragon exposes his feelings on the concert issue

GDragon had many labels in the past, some good and some bad. Big Bang’s leader. The youngest boy who was participating in HipHop albums by the age of 13. One of the top 8 composers that shined in 2008. Placing first in all possible music charts with his solo album. 2009’s greatest selling record. Plagiarism issues. Known for interesting fashion. And the most recent one, concert issues.

There had been a set of associated words with GDragon. However, he was the boy that went on along his way without any rest in the music world, but there will always be the critics commenting on his actions. Through an interview, we learned about what kind of a path he kept on going from that one little boy to a star that is loved by many people.

People who are close to GDragon say that he is “very detailed and trustworthy.” So detailed that he would check daily on every single detail of his album and watch the concert stage from the 3rd floor to make sure that his fans wouldn’t miss out on a thing. A person like that was slammed down on his first concert. It was all because of the sexy performance he displayed during his own song, ‘Breathe.’

GDragon stated, “I believe that since I am a singer for the public, I know that it is right for the public to judge me. No matter what I was trying to show, it was my fault if it [the concert] was disturbing and high level. I was only trying to show a stronger appearance because it wasn’t a public show, but a concert performance. I’m really sad that the response was different from what I expected.” While he was preparing his first concert, he was excited. Since the age of 13 entering YG Entertainment, this was the stage he was dreaming about for 10 years. He pondered on the videos to show, and explored each section of the audience seats to view how the stage would look from there. Big Bang’s stages also made him excited, but this solo concert that had his own name on it as a single singer meant the world to him.

“Seriously, I don’t know even remember how hard I rose up to this level for my solo concert. I might be saying this because I’m still young, but really when this concert ended, I really thought to myself, ‘I would want nothing else more.’” But, when I turned on the internet the next day, my heart crashed to see only the parts of concert torn apart with the issues.” He confessed that he faced sadness as a singer when he realized that the performances that he worked hard on was torn apart and that one cut represented his whole concert. Was it to much for him to show different sides of him to the audience that couldn’t easily access the concert?

“Instead of tears, fake laugh came out as I thought, ‘will I be cursed so that anywhere I go, I get bashed at?’” I didn’t want it to go this far. I just wanted to show my fans the different sides. In the performances I showed cute sides, and handsome sides, but why did it only get cut into this part? All the news paper articles had that strong word in them, and I was embrassed and sad that my parents might see these articles that only had one side to them.” He added on, “My thinking was short. However I just wish that people wouldn’t criticise me just for that one section. The song ‘Breathe’ in general is about not wanting to wake up from a dream because my ideal woman appears in them. Because of those lyrics I had a bed on stage and showed that I was searching my dreams. But the final product the public saw was, ”sex demonstration.” I was shocked and thought, ‘I’m not this, but I guess this is how I look to the people,’ realizing it then.”

He finally added, “Whether I get praised at, or slammed at, I think that is proof that the public is showing interests toward me. I have to understand the fact that telling me what part I did wrong helps me to improve in the future. The way I could he accepted and win praises is to do better on the next album. This once again reminded me that I have to do my best on the Big Bang album coming out this year.”

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Rain’s personal airplane revealed gets many envious

Singer actor Rain’s personal airplane revealed gets many netizens envious.

Recently, photos of Rain on his personal airplane in Korea have been uploaded and circulated by netizens online on various portal sites, catching the attention of many.

Rain will board his personal plane to fly overseas when he has activities or events to attend overseas from domestic airport. The personal airplane has Rain’s full-body photo printed on it, and is one of the most eye-catching airplanes at the airport.

In addition, it is known that he owns a 15-billion KRW building with a basement and 2 higher levels in Seoul KangNamGoo.

Netizens’ comments were, “It is a great feat that he gets to have his own Hollywood movie at such a young age, now it is shocking to know that he has his personal airplane”, “So envious” etc.

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Lee Byung Hun questioned all night by authorities

Actor Lee Byung Hun was questioned yesterday by authorities from the Korean Prosecutors Office regarding his current legal strife with alleged ex-girlfriend, Kwon Mi Yeon.

Officials from the prosecutors office revealed to the press that actor Lee Byung Hyun was summoned and an investigation was held from 8 p.m. Wednesday evening to 5 a.m. the following morning. The IRIS star was asked questions concerning a lawsuit filed against him as well as two others filed by himself.

Lee is currently embroiled in a legal battle with Kwon Mi Yeon, who is suing the actor for damages and emotional suffering pertaining to an alleged former relationship. In response, Lee Byung Hun has taken legal action with his law firm, Kim & Chang. Lee is suing Kwon for libel and is asking authorities to investigate threats made against him.

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Lee Da-hae: “I dated one of my co-stars”

Chuno’s current leading lady Lee Da-hae will be on an upcoming episode of KBS’s show Sweet Night [달콤한 밤], which she already recorded. In the appearance, she admits that she dated one of her past co-stars, and although she didn’t identify him by name, she explained, “I have dated one of my co-stars in real life. We broke up in October 2008. However, the scandals that have come up have all been with surprising people.”

My first guess would have been her My Girl co-star Lee Dong-wook, but since there was pretty wide speculation about them, her statement seems to contradict that. She also discounts her more recent scandal with Kang Ji-hwan, which she says arose because they happened to meet while both were in Thailand, which got exaggerated as a couple’s vacation. My other guess would be her other My Girl co-star Lee Jun-ki; if not, I suppose it could also be (sob) Go Soo, but I’d guess it was someone earlier in her career. (The breakup pre-dates East of Eden, Robbers co-star Jang Hyuk was in a long-term relationship, I don’t really see her with Hello Miss’s Lee Ji-hoon, and it wasn’t Lee Dong-gun since he dated co-star Han Ji-hye out of Sweet 18…) Let the wild speculations begin.

Lee Da-hae’s appearance will air on the January 24 broadcast of Sweet Night.

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Behind the scenes with 2PM and Yoon Eun Hye for Cass Beer

Remember the commercials for Cass Beer featuring 2PM’s Taecyeon and Nichkhun along with the beautiful Yoon Eun Hye? Well, it seems there’s some more commercials in store for us as 2PM’s Wooyoung and Junsu were recently spotted on the set of an upcoming Cass Beer CF along with the original trio.

MBC’s Section TV
also interviewed the participants of the CF. Unfortunately, the other members of 2PM couldn’t join in on the fun as they’re under the legal age of consuming alcohol.

The best part of the segment below is when Junsu spills beer on Yoon Eun Hye and the 2PM boys have to clean up the mess. Junsu felt bad and apologized in a quiet voice afterwards. Taecyeon also stated that he drinks a lot of beer but Nichkhun responds that he can’t drink a lot. Taecyeon pushes him and Junsu says to stop kidding around. Nichkhun again says that he can’t drink a lot and that he can only drink about 10 bottles. Check out the interview below and thanks to my2PMbabiies for the tip.

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Pho siblings of Malaysia on Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies

Two Malaysian siblings appeared on South Korean talk show Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies. The Dec 30 episode was on handsome men and beautiful women.

Pho Jing Chi and Pho Khay Inn, both of whom are studying in Korea University, drew much attention during the show. Jing Chi, the elder brother, is a 4th year mechanical engineering student while Jing Chi is a 3rd year chemical and biological engineering student.

Brother & sister: Jing Chi (left) & Khay Inn on Korean TV

The episode focused on “hoonnam” or handsome men around the world. While the men on the show were beating their chests about how charming they were, one guy drew the ladies’ attention. He was Jing Chi.

In the genes: Brother handsome but sister ain't pretty?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The host of the show asked Khay Inn, “Do people say Jing Chi is handsome?”

She replied: “Yes, many people say so. Sometimes, I hear people go ‘Wow, that guy is cute!’ upon seeing him at campus and I would proudly say ‘He is my brother.’”

The host then asked Jing Chi, “Do people also say that your sister is pretty?” He made everyone laugh by replying “No”.

Chit Chat of Beautiful Ladies is struggling with low ratings after a controversial episode on Dec 6. One of its Korean guests said that “guys under 180cm are losers”.

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Lee Byung Hun on CNN

Lee Byung Hun on CNN

The interview is definitely worth a full watch and reveals some interesting secrets about the actor and his past and where he’s headed in Hollywood. Although he’s got a bit of an underlying accent he responds to the interviewer quite well. You can watch below.

Lee Byung Hun definitely has the potential to break out in Hollywood. And with a G.I. Joe sequel in the works, we’ll definitely expect to see more of him on the big screen in the future.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Actor Jang GeunSeok is appointed as Seoul Goodwill Ambassador !

The ceremony held on Jan 21,2010 – 3 pm local time and took place at Seoul City Hall in Jung-gu where the handsome actor Jang GeunSeok received the new title given by the Seoul Mayor Oh SeHoon.

More photos under the cut!

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CNBLUE is #1 on ALL music charts

Rookie Indie band, CNBLUE, has officially killed off every other competitor on music charts.

It has only been a week since their debut with Im a Loner, but the song is now number one on all online sales charts. Their album, BLUETORY, is also number one on offline album sales charts like Hanteo. The group has said “It hasn’t been long since we came out, we are definitely surprised.”

Not only that, but after their debut performance on Music Bank, the song has reached the #1 spot on ALL music charts. Every single one of them. This is a hard feat, even for top groups. The song is definitely a new style in Korea, and it’s very addicting.

Newsen has interviewed the group and asked “Don’t you guys want to dance looking at idol groups?” They responded “Dancing is scary. Even though it shows off charisma, we are just not good enough to do it as our job.” The drummer, Kang Min Hyuk was then asked “Aren’t you dissapointed that you aren’t on camera during live performances?” He answered, “Not even a bit. Since the drum is the loudest and the center of all the instruments, I take on more responsibility to do better.”

Each member then said something different.

Lee Jung Shin (bass) said, “You guys learn dancing because of idol groups, right? After looking at us, we hope you guys learn instruments such as guitar now.” Lee Jong Hyun (guitar) said, “We are definitely not perfect at our instruments. Our goal is to hear people say we’ve improved.” Kang Min Hyuk (drums) said, “Being in a band was my dream.” And finally, Jung Yong Hwa (leader) said, “I’ve never thought about having to dance.”

They also showed of their dissapointment on not being able to do full-live performances on music programs. Jung Yong Hwa said, “You can only feel our charm when our whole band is playing live,” showing off their confidence.

Finally, they ended the interview saying “We are worried because people have high expectations of us now, due to getting #1 on all the charts. We will work even harder to show you guys our growth.”

I have a strong feeling that this group can make a huge change in k-pop.

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[Photo Spam] Goo HyeSun teams up with Fahrenheit for Taiwan Tourism Board promotions

It has been known recently that actress Goo HyeSun will be working with popular Taiwanese group Fahrenheit for a MV filming to promote the Taiwanese Tourism Board.

And some photos of Goo HyeSun taken with the Fahrenheit group members revealed have also been released.

Go under the cut for more.

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Jung YongHwa’s embarrassment as ‘minpye MC’ on Radio Star?

Recently debuted as a singer as part of band C.N Blue, Jung YongHwa was on the recent episode of ‘Radio Star’ when he was embarrassed by the other MCs.

He was on MBC ‘Golden Fishery – Radio Star’ aired on 20th January when he said, “Even though I had huge success with the drama, I destroyed that presence as the MC for variety show or awards ceremonies.”

Jung YongHwa had debuted as an actor with SBS drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ and was awarded the ‘New Star’ award during SBS Drama awards. He also did the MCing for 2009 SBS Gayo DaeJun but with multiple mistakes he made during the show, he was given the nickname of ‘*minpye MC’.

With that he was embarrassed when the other stars on the show like Kim GooRa said, “I guess you haven’t got the chance to do silly MC tasks”. Also Lee HongKi who was on the show said, “I gave Kim HeeChul, who did MC with me before, and asked him ‘Did YongHwa do well?’ and he gave a very polite answer ‘He seems kind’.” teasing Jung YongHwa further on his MC skills.

*minpye – public nuisance

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Rookie band C.N Blue for Elle Girl February issue!

Debuted just last week with the title song ‘Alone’ off their 1st minialbum ‘Bluetory’, band C.N Blue members are all suit up for the photoshoot.

Full photo spread under the cut.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong’s getting bashed and he’s pissed


Korean media reported that on the evening of the 18th SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong attended the 80th Birthday Party of former Korean President Chun Doo Hwan and the sh*t hit the fan. Netizens and the media a flurry writing stories and blogs and sending bashes to Hyun Joong. So what’s the big deal? It so happens that Chun Doo Hwan is one of the most despised former Presidents of Korea, I won’t go into detail, but if you’re interested check it out here.

After the media reported that Hyun Joong attended the party, he started to be bombarded by posts bashing him for attending the event. Hyun Joong’s entertainment company DSP Entertainment’s initial statement said that they had no idea why it was being reported that Hyun Joong was at the party, but when various media said they had proof he was there, DSP changed their response. Apparently the whole situation pissed off Hyun Joong so much he left a VERY strongly worded response (which among other things said that he had no choice in going there and didn’t even know the guy and didn’t like being involved in politics) on his home page that got taken down. In their later statement, DSP said that Hyun Joong was with DSP CEO Lee Ho Yeon before going to a dinner with the other members of SS501 (except Jung Min who had schedule conflicts) when Lee Ho Yeon got a last minute ‘call’ and took Hyun Joong to the birthday party (some articles claimed that the CEO is friends with Chun). They said that Hyun Joong only paid his respects then left. Hmm, I wonder if the former president is a fan? Or maybe his wife, or a daughter, or granddaughter?

Hyun Joong’s second response to the whole situation, while not as bad as his first post, is still said to be strongly worded (what secret password do I need to see these things- wait no, I don’t want to know, wait yes, I do, I’m sooo torn). It’s to the point that all Triple S refuse to repost it because they don’t want antis to get a hold of it and blow up the situation any further. In my opinion, DSP’s CEO should’ve known better than to take Hyun Joong there, I guess he hoped to just sneak him in and out. He might not have had much of the choice if he was ‘asked’ to bring Hyun Joong there (the dude was a former President and his party was filled with politicians and military types so…).

Hyun Joong’s popularity sky-rocketed after being on We got Married and Boys Over Flowers, so any news about him is HUGE. It’s unfortunate that he was put into this predicament. Tripe S-ers have already started a campaign to cheer up Hyun Joong over this whole situation, aawww. You know what’s scarier than a former dictator? Hordes of pissed fangirl netizens protecting their idol, so watch out. The Korean media has already decided NOT to expose their ‘proof’ that Hyun Joong was at the party (reportedly pics of him shaking Chun’s hand) due to the ‘request’ of his fans. I’m a fan of Hyun Joong (JoongBo, fighting!) and I hope that “this too shall pass…” There are more important things going on in the world right now than bashing some poor idol who got put in a bad situation he had no control over.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

2PM WooYoung wants everyone to “forget about Go MiNam”

2PM WooYoung asked for fans and TV viewers, “to forget about Go MiNam”.

WooYoung said that during the interview he had with rookie band C.N Blue on SBS Inkigayo on 17th January. He recalled the parody 2PM did for drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ which C.N Blue member Jung YongHwa starred in.

WooYoung said, “Let’s forget about Go MiNam” and then Jung Yong Hwa said, “The kiss scene was impressionable”. WooYoung then looked at Jung YongHwa saying, “Why do I feel so excited? ShinWoo hyung, you are really a pretty guy” and Jung said, “And you are really a pretty lady”.


  • TaecYeon: These people are really popular these days. They are pretty boys C.N Blue who will shake the music world in 2010! Hello!
  • C.N Blue: Hello! This is C.N Blue
  • Female MC: But is this Jung YongHwa ShinWoo hyung? Hello! Nice to meet you!
  • Jung YongHwa: Now I will return as Jung YongHwa in C.N Blue. Please show loads of love for C.N Blue and ‘Alone’.
  • TaecYeon: Oh wait, Wooyoung ah~ ‘Go MiNam’ WooYoung, why aren’t you talking?
  • WooYoung: Let’s all just forget about Go MiNam alright? It’s very embarrassing
  • Jung YongHwa: The kiss scene was impressionable
  • WooYoung: Ai~ YongHwa sshi let’s not be like that. Ah really, but why do I feel so excited? ShinWoo hyung, you are really a pretty guy (minam isshinaeyo)
  • Jung YongHwa: And you’re a pretty lady
  • Female MC: Wooyoung sshi, please get back to you senses. Please look forward to C.N Blue’s performance in awhile.
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Yoon Eun-hye, Kan Mi-youn: 10 Years Ago

Baby V.O.X member Kan Mi-youn (27) posted up this picture of her and Yoon Eun-hye from ten years ago on her Cyworld mini-homepage.

She commented on the picture: “Tens years is an epoch. I have changed even more! I don’t want to grow old!”

Kan Mi-youn, along with fellow Baby V.O.X member Shim Eun-jin, will appear on the January 19th broadcast of SBS variety program “Strong Heart” and will talk about their exhausting years as Kpop idols.

10 years is a long time!

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Jang GeunSeok will do his Asia Tour!

Jang GeunSeok will do his Asia Tour starting March 2010!

Actor Jang GeunSeok will pay his Asia fans’ love and supports by coming to their countries and hold his fan meeting in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asia countries.

Jang GeunSeok only did official activities in his home country Korea and Japan previously, yet, after his appearance in popular drama “You’re Beautiful” the actor gained his popularity in the Asia continent !

Jang GeunSeok agency,” We have been doing partnership with agencies in Asia, so he is more than ready to start his activities in the Asia Continent. Soon, a local fan meeting is set to hold in Korea, yet, there’s so many fans from overseas joined the event. That’s why to repay the fans’ love, he will visit them in their countries. After Asia Tour he will start his new project which varies from drama to film. We would also like to passed his message that he always love you and thank you for always supporting him, “ he said.
He continues,”Jang GeunSeok is scheduled to visit and hold fan meeting in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and planned to hold fan meeting in Thailand and Philippines as well. After his Asia Tour, another plan to hold America, Europe and World tour are also being planned before Jan GeunSeok comes back home as he has to do many events in Korea”.

Popular drama “You’re Beautiful” is exported to 17 countries and Jang GeunSeok will meet his fans on Jan 31st,2010 at 2pm onwards via a local fan meeting held in Olympic Hall – OlPark.

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Kim Hyun Joong photos for Hotsun Chicken revealed

SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong is hot stuff for Hotsun!

Since last March, the popular singer-actor has charmed many with his endorsements with the fried chicken franchise. Recently, new photos of Hyun Joong with a drumstick, travel luggage, wine, a gift box and flowers have been revealed.

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Lee Junki can’t save Hero

Lee Junki can’t save Hero

Popular young actor Lee Junki just ended his run as star in the MBC drama Hero. The drama aired it’s final episode on January 14th, 2010. To commemorate the ending, Lee Junki gathered with more than 300 fans for a special fan meeting at the COEX Mall’s Megabox theater in Seoul to watch the final episode together. Unfortunately, the final episode suffered poor ratings with a 4.7 share according to TNS Media Korea.

The show had a dedicated following albeit small, it had the misfortune of going up against 30+ share juggernaut IRIS and other popular dramas such as Will It Snow for Christmas? and Chuno. Hero is slated to be replaced by Woman Who Still Wants To Marry starring Kim Bum and Park Jin Hee.

Lee Junki isn’t quite out of the woods yet. On January 16th, Lee Junki’s Japanese Fan Club has a special trip planned to Seoul where Lee Junki will once again watch the last episode together with the Japanese fans.

Poor ratings is bad news for the young prince but hopefully he’ll have better material to work with in the near future.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

CNBLUE’s “Bluetory” is out!

After rocking their showcase and topping charts, many of you are probably wondering what’s the hype all about? Luckily, CNBLUE’s 1st mini-album, “Bluetory“, has been released for you all to get a taste of the new band!

Unlike the heavy beats and catchy lyrics we’ve been accustomed to, the boys of CNBLUE are providing raw vocals and music you would expect from a band!

Are you digging CNBLUE’s music? Take a listen for yourself below:

I’m a Loner

I Will Forget You…

Love Revolution

Now or Never

Y, Why

Cr. urnobody191

Besides great music, their album also comes with major eye candy for all you ladies (or fellas, too)!fellas, too)!

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