Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jang GeunSeok will do his Asia Tour!

Jang GeunSeok will do his Asia Tour starting March 2010!

Actor Jang GeunSeok will pay his Asia fans’ love and supports by coming to their countries and hold his fan meeting in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other Asia countries.

Jang GeunSeok only did official activities in his home country Korea and Japan previously, yet, after his appearance in popular drama “You’re Beautiful” the actor gained his popularity in the Asia continent !

Jang GeunSeok agency,” We have been doing partnership with agencies in Asia, so he is more than ready to start his activities in the Asia Continent. Soon, a local fan meeting is set to hold in Korea, yet, there’s so many fans from overseas joined the event. That’s why to repay the fans’ love, he will visit them in their countries. After Asia Tour he will start his new project which varies from drama to film. We would also like to passed his message that he always love you and thank you for always supporting him, “ he said.
He continues,”Jang GeunSeok is scheduled to visit and hold fan meeting in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and planned to hold fan meeting in Thailand and Philippines as well. After his Asia Tour, another plan to hold America, Europe and World tour are also being planned before Jan GeunSeok comes back home as he has to do many events in Korea”.

Popular drama “You’re Beautiful” is exported to 17 countries and Jang GeunSeok will meet his fans on Jan 31st,2010 at 2pm onwards via a local fan meeting held in Olympic Hall – OlPark.

credit : imuyachan @ KBites + as labeled

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