Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rain is a Rich Man


No duh, right? But damn is he rich! Rain has been a busy, busy man these past weeks raking in the cash. According to J. Tune Entertainment, since Dec. 21, Rain has signed two ad contracts where he makes more than $1 billion KRW per ad. The first ad is for China under a food brand for China’s “Zhi Ming De’s International” for a hefty 1.05 billion won. He is also signed with Korea’s Nikon for 1.1 billion won PER YEAR. For Nikon, J. Tune will recruit 20 fans to be in the commercial based on the concept of “memory.” And of course, this doesn’t include the endorsement contracts he is already doing.

And if you ever wondered how much Rain made for his Las Vegas concerts on Dec. 24 and 25th, it was… drumroll please… a whooping 0.53 BILLION KRW, or $470,000 DOLLARS! He made that in two nights. Crazy, right?

In 20 days, Rain has recorded over 3 BILLION KRW (or roughly $2.7 million) in sales. I’ll never see that much in my lifetime, even if I work everyday. I want to be Rain.

He plans on holding two more concerts in Japan’s Osaka Jo Hall for Jan. 23 and 24th. After, he will go to Taiwan for another concert on Jan 30. Rain sure loves his money fans. But Rain, my question is, when will you come back to dramas?

credit : jeleeee @ seoulbeats + as labeled

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