Tuesday, January 26, 2010

IRIS’s Kim Hye Jin is seven years older than she claimed?

Kim Hye Jin, who was in IRIS, stole the hearts of many Korean men; some say she’s prettier than costar Kim Tae Hee. But some might have to reconsider, because she’s actually thirty-five years old!

A representative from her company said, “Kim Hye Jin was born in 1975. She found our company very late, as she was doing all her activites by herself. This caused a problem with her age. We thought that we had to reveal this someday, as we wanted it to naturally come out on television.”

The actress’s profile stated her birthdate as February 28th, 1982, which put her at twenty-eight.

The representative then continued, “We didn’t have a chance to reveal this on national television. We then received a great chance, as she was cast on a morning show. But even then, that segment was cut out.”

Meanwhile, Kim Hye Jin is currently working on Shin Dong Yup’s Sweet Night as an MC.

Wow, I never thought she could be that old… Do you guys think that she looks 35?

credit : kimchisteve @ allkpop + as labeled

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  1. I think she is hot as hell!!! She looks nothing like 35 she look 25!!!