Friday, January 8, 2010

Captured on Camera! Rain playing on his mobile phone, taking the subway!

A photo of Rain taking the subway and playing games on his mobile phone has been the topic amongst netizens.

The photo was uploaded on G.O of MBLAQ, group groomed by Rain himself, on his minihompy on 6th January.

The title of his minihompy diary post was ‘Unforgettable experience’, and G.O also wrote “Hyung, please stop playing GoStop”, and the post was enjoyed by many fans who visited his minihompy.

It was known that Rain had gone out for a celebration party with MBLAQ members to commemorate his first year as the representative of the company, but due to the heavy snowfall, they were forced to take the subway instead.

credit :sookyeong@ KBites + as labeled

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