Sunday, January 17, 2010

2PM WooYoung wants everyone to “forget about Go MiNam”

2PM WooYoung asked for fans and TV viewers, “to forget about Go MiNam”.

WooYoung said that during the interview he had with rookie band C.N Blue on SBS Inkigayo on 17th January. He recalled the parody 2PM did for drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ which C.N Blue member Jung YongHwa starred in.

WooYoung said, “Let’s forget about Go MiNam” and then Jung Yong Hwa said, “The kiss scene was impressionable”. WooYoung then looked at Jung YongHwa saying, “Why do I feel so excited? ShinWoo hyung, you are really a pretty guy” and Jung said, “And you are really a pretty lady”.


  • TaecYeon: These people are really popular these days. They are pretty boys C.N Blue who will shake the music world in 2010! Hello!
  • C.N Blue: Hello! This is C.N Blue
  • Female MC: But is this Jung YongHwa ShinWoo hyung? Hello! Nice to meet you!
  • Jung YongHwa: Now I will return as Jung YongHwa in C.N Blue. Please show loads of love for C.N Blue and ‘Alone’.
  • TaecYeon: Oh wait, Wooyoung ah~ ‘Go MiNam’ WooYoung, why aren’t you talking?
  • WooYoung: Let’s all just forget about Go MiNam alright? It’s very embarrassing
  • Jung YongHwa: The kiss scene was impressionable
  • WooYoung: Ai~ YongHwa sshi let’s not be like that. Ah really, but why do I feel so excited? ShinWoo hyung, you are really a pretty guy (minam isshinaeyo)
  • Jung YongHwa: And you’re a pretty lady
  • Female MC: Wooyoung sshi, please get back to you senses. Please look forward to C.N Blue’s performance in awhile.
credit : sookyeong@ KBites + as labeled

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