Tuesday, January 5, 2010

C.N. Blue to compete against F.cuz?

C.N. Blue to compete against F.cuz?

C.N. Blue (Code Name Blue) has been receiving a lot of attention due to Jung Yong Hwa's participation in the hit drama You're Beautiful.

We previously wrote that the boy group would debut some time in January, but now their seems to be official word that the group will make their debut on January 8th with their mini-album and also a showcase. This happens to coincide with the debut of another band that's receiving a lot of buzz, F.cuz.

Even though C.N. Blue is more of a rock band (F.T. Island style) and F.cuz will be more of a traditional boy band, maybe we'll have another showdown between these two upcoming boy groups, much like MBLAQ and BEAST? Regardless, both groups are off to a pretty good start even before they officially debuted.

credit : ghostwriter @ allkpop + as labeled

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