Sunday, February 28, 2010

SS501 holds a successful concert

SS501 held an econre concert for their Asia tour in Seoul tonight and it was a success. Not only did Kara and Rainbow (members of the DSP Entertainment family) join them but they also pleased fans whose ages ranged from teens to 50-year-olds. Many international fans came out all the way to Korea just to see these boys.

SS501 said, “We had a great Asia tour for six months in eight countries. We wanted to thank you guys because this was all possible because of you.”

They sang Deja Vu, A Song Calling For You, U R Man, Love Like This, Snow Prince and more. Special guest Kara wowed the crowd with their newest track Lupin and their hit Mister.

SS501 said at the press conference before the concert, “Because of this Asia tour, we matured a lot. I think you will be able to tell from the solo stages.”

Kim Hyung Joon sang Take Care by Jung Yup and Girls. Kim Kyu Jong sang Never Let U Go, Park Jung Min sang Don’t Do That. Heo Young Saeng sang Our Memories and Find. It showed a new side of him because he showed off his rapping skills.

Kim Hyun Joong’s solo stage was very memorable. He came on to stage on a motorcycle and sang Please Be Good To Me and did a sexy dance with a girl back dancer. I’m the fans liked that a lot.

SS501 said to their fans, “We missed you all. Thank you for waiting. We will come back with a second album so please get excited.”

For the end of the concert, they came out in t-shirts and casual attire and really had fun with themselves and their fans. The best news for fans is that they are supposedly making a comeback in May! That’s just around the corner.

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Drinking interview with Lee Da-hae (Part 1)

Align CenterHere’s the latest in IS Plus’s series of “drinking interviews,” where the reporter has drinks with a star while the interview progresses. This one is with Chuno’s much-beleaguered actress, Lee Da-hae:

I met with Lee Da-hae of the drama Chuno, who suffers alone despite its explosive popularity as “Un-nyun.” The drama has exceeded a 30% viewership rating and the drama’s so-called “brutish men” played by Jang Hyuk, Oh Ji-ho, Han Jung-soo and Kim Ji-suk have been showered in praise for their action-filled acting. However, playing the drama’s slave Un-nyun, who has elevated her status to the noblewoman Kim Hye-won, is Lee Da-hae who, as before, continues to be viewed in a negative light.

Counter to reality, unlike a slave she has white skin and pure-white underclothes, and she has been in revealing scenes one after another that have been blurred for modesty. In order to resolve all this curiosity, I requested a drinking interview with Lee Da-hae, who is at the core of all this criticism. An interview explaining and defending herself might give rise to even more critical responses, so Lee Da-hae had declined interview requests, but after meeting with her, she was a simple and pleasant actor.

It started with the choice to drink makgulli (rice wine). She ordered makgulli, pork feet, assorted pancakes, and acorn jelly, saying, “This is what I usually eat when I drink.” We began by toasting with the white rice wine in black ceramic cups. Black and white, and also the brownish hat with the red of her scarf — they produced a lovely ensemble. The cover to the script of Chuno’s Episode 16 was also an orange color.

Chuno is popular these days, but there’s a lot of fuss over Un-nyun.

“The fans like the drama so much that it gives us support. But it seemed that Hye-won [Lee Da-hae uses the name Hye-won more than Un-nyun] was the only one being criticized, which was a bit upsetting. I felt a little wronged, too. [Laughs]”

I’ll be straightforward. Did you really shoot the drama with a full manicure?

“There are some people who point that out, but I feel that’s really unfair. What actor would wear a manicure in a sageuk drama? It doesn’t make sense. If I said that I didn’t wear anything, they’d say that I wore clear polish, but the nails really are bare. If it’s a problem that the lighting is so bright that fingernails shine, then that’s a problem.”

There’s also complaints about you wearing a wrist watch.

“That’s even more ridiculous. How can I wear a watch in a sageuk? That isn’t common sense.”

There was a lot of talk about the near-rape scene and the blurring of your exposed skin.

“That’s not something I can control. As an actor, that’s an issue that goes beyond my limitations. I’m sad about that. When the blurring went out on air and the complaints grew, I complained to Jang Hyuk over the phone for about forty minutes. I thought, why do these things keep happening only to me? He advised me, ‘When it’s all over, everything will help you.’”

You looked more glamorous than expected.
(Note: “glamorous” is often used as a euphemism for voluptuous.)

“The hanbok was tied really tightly. That’s why it looked like that. But I’m not entirely flat, either. [Laughs]”

Things must have been really bad for a list to come out that names everyone Un-nyun has harmed.

“I understand that too. I took a look once, and I remember entries like ‘It’s Un-nyun’s fault Dae-gil’s family was destroyed’ and ‘It’s because of Un-nyun’s blurry scenes that viewers are losing enthusiasm.’ [Laughs] It says that every bad thing that happens in the drama is Un-nyun’s fault.”

There are approximately 24 items on this list that has been circulating on the Internet. It’s a collection of characters who have died or been harmed because of Un-nyun. It starts with ‘It’s Un-nyun’s fault that Dae-gin’s family was destroyed, and that Dae-gil and Song Tae-ha both suffer sword injuries.” It continues, “It’s because of Un-nyun that the Buddhist monk cannot attain nirvana,” and hits its peak and draws laughs with “It’s Un-nyun’s fault that the viewers are about to burst with frustration.” Two opinions clash, one that says the list is fun, and another that says it’s too hard on Lee Da-hae.

Why are you the only one attracting such blame?

“Hye-won stands out. In such a masculine drama, Hye-won’s existence is noticeable in comparison. I think the viewers don’t like me because the main characters with amazing muscles whom I look up to are monopolizing their love. I want to think that it’s because there are a lot of people who have fallen for the drama.”

It seems like the general public opinion is that they “don’t like seeing someone acting pretty” in an insincere way.

“But I don’t do that… There must be a problem with the way I approach fans. There are certain things I acknowledge. Even if that was the intention of the writer or director, as an actor I had to pay more attention to my makeup and costuming.”

Mention of “Un-nyun’s list” made Lee Da-hae laugh, but she tilted back her glass frequently. It seemed like she was thirsty, and the makgulli was quite sweet. She drank often, saying, “It’s delicious.”

You must have gone through a tough time.

“I can’t even tell you. Now I can laugh a little, but in the beginning it was so hard that I could barely manage to control my facial expressions. These days, I deliberately soil my hands with dirt when I film. Even though my hands are chapped because of the cold weather, I don’t use hand lotion.”

What do the people around you say?

“Jang Hyuk advises me that if I stick it out through the end, everything will resolve itself. Oh Ji-ho has taken on the role of Lee Da-hae spokesman, going around saying that Lee Da-hae isn’t like that.”

Even writer Chun Sung-il expressed his apologies.

Writer Chun Sung-il recently gave an interview where he apologized to Lee Da-hae. He said, “I felt extremely sorry toward Lee Da-hae after seeing her called a public menace and being criticized. However, if you watch the drama through the end, you’ll be able to understand Un-nyun.”

Criticism has grown louder from audiences because of Hye-won’s extremely passive character. Compared to female leads in Iron Empress and Queen Seon-deok who controlled their own fates, she has constantly retreated.

Writer Chun explained, “Editing has left out scenes where Un-nyun worries over a situation, and although it wasn’t our intention, dissatisfaction has grown with Un-nyun’s character and she has been blamed for her makeup, which I was sorry to see. Un-nyun may have been frustrating till now, but if you continue watching, things will change.”

What will happen to Hye-won in the future?

“Her character has started to change from Episode 10, and she will become more three-dimensional. There will be more emotional scenes with her, and more psychological description of her character. That should reduce the number of complaints, won’t it? [Laughs]”

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

SS501 holds press conference before final encore concerts

If you didn’t know yet, the SS501 boys will finally end their Asia concert tour in Seoul this weekend.

The boys have been jetting from one location to another after kick starting their concert tour back in August 2009 and it was only fitting that they will end their concert tour back in Seoul. Besides Seoul, fans have been enjoying watching their idols performing live on stage for them in countries like Tokyo, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong and Thailand.

As it’s their final stop, the boys will be putting on some special items and to top it off, their sister groups, Kara and Rainbow will be performing as guests.

Wishing them success and hope that everyone enjoys themselves!

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Photo Of The Day! C.N Blue’s fun camera moments

Photo Of The Day! Jung YongHwa and… the chicken?

On the recent episode of C.N Blue ‘Making Of The Artist’ on GomTV, the boys were making some fun during lunchtime in the dressing room playing with the camera.

Go under the cut for more.

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Actress Lee DaHae gets lovecalls from Hollywood!

Will Lee DaHae advance to Hollywood too?

On Feb 26, 2010 Lee DaHae was seen at a party[the international Pucca launch party,as reported before]

The pretty actress attended a character launching party held by a global entertainment company Warner Bros in LA. And, this invitation has made people curious whether this is a sign of her Hollywood career advance.

Lee DaHae’s agency J.Tune Entertainment,” It is true, that the Warner Bros has put interest to her acting skills when they visit Korea earlier this year. Warner Bros also expressed their interest to her fluency in English and Chinese.”

More about the party invitation, it is also revealed that Lee DaHae is the only Asian actress invited to the party and it is also said that both Lee DaHae and Warner Bros will have a discussion about their future project together during her visit in the country.

J.Tune Entertainment rep,”Warner Bros was actually trying to meet her last time, yet, due to her tight schedule for Chuno’s shooting, she wasn’t able to meet the global company’s representative.”

Warner Bros’ Global Director Mr. Brad Globe also says to MBC ‘Section TV’,”I hope to work together with Lee DaHae.” a statement which creates an even stronger speculation about the actress’ Hollywood advance.

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C.N Blue’s Street Performance

C.N Blue will be having their second street performance this Sunday, February 28th, in Samsung-dong in Seoul at 7pm.

For this event, Mnet reality program “C.N Bluetory” will be recording the performance for the show.

As expected of a street performance, everything will be performed live.

If you can’t make it, or if you missed the first one, check out the photos from C.N Blue’s first street performance.

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Seohyun and Yonghwa bring a new image to We Got Married

A character that we haven’t seen before, now on We Got Married.

That’s how Jung Yoon Jung, the PD of We Got Married described the new Jung Yonghwa – Seohyun couple.

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa and SNSD gal Seohyun’s first episode will be broadcast on the 27th. At 20 years old and 18 years old, the two make the youngest couple in We Got Married history.

PD Jung said, “Although they are a young couple, when they met, I saw a man and a woman. The two of them really bring a character that really hasn’t been seen in ‘We Got Married’ before.

Regarding Seohyun, Jung said, “Lots of people were curious as to what Seohyun’s image would be. Because Seohyun is at the young age of 18, she can show the audience a fresh image that wasn’t there before.

PD Jung expressed his opinion on Yonghwa, saying, “He’s a cool and charming guy. As expected, although he is young, he plays the role of oppa to Seohyun and plays it well.

PD Jung wants to make this couple successful going into the future. “The two of them are the ones making the relationship. Our job will be to create missions that aren’t too extravagant as to not irk the viewers.

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Super Junior’s Eunhyuk diagnosed with swine flu

It’s been a while we’ve last heard from this fellow. His first name is swine. Last name is flu.

SM Entertainment has revealed that Super Junior’s Eunhyuk has been diagnosed with swine flu.

On the night of February 25th, Eunhyuk had symptoms of a cold so he went to the hospital to get a check up. The results weren’t good as he was confirmed with swine flu the following day and is currently resting at home.

All of Eunhyuk’s activities will be canceled, including KBS FM Kiss The Radio. He will also not be able to attend SNSD’s encore concert this weekend so fellow Super Junior members, Leeteuk and Heechul will fill in instead.

Best of luck to Eunhyuk and let’s hope he has a speedy recovery!

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More stills from Personal Taste

I don’t care what people say, I think Personal Taste is looking adorable.

These newly released stills show the stars looking cute and friendly, and reflects the dynamic between their characters as Sohn Ye-jin’s Kae-in thrills at the idea of having a gay best friend and latches on to her new roommate Jin-ho (Lee Min-ho) with great enthusiasm, to his dismay and discomfort. Although it’s Jin-ho who first lies that he’s gay, he finds himself increasingly reluctant to perpetuate the pretense but due to certain reasons that keep cropping up, he has to go with it. (And then, to his horror, he finds himself attracted to her against his own wishes. Curses!)

Gotta say I’m not loving the tight pants on Lee Min-ho, even if Jin-ho is supposed to be they type of guy to wear fashionable and tailored clothes. They’ve styled Sohn Ye-jin perfectly, though — she’s not supposed to be unattractive, but merely comes across as that at first glance because she doesn’t take care to present herself well.

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Chuno’s Han Jung-soo in Men’s Health

Wow, what a gorgeous shot of a gorgeous man. Speaking of Chuno, here’s another of its buzzmaking cast members: slave-hunting warrior General Choi, aka actor Han Jung-soo, in a spread for March’s issue of Men’s Health magazine.

He’s currently making a name for himself as part of Jang Hyuk’s band of slave hunters. When Chuno wraps, Han will be busy jumping right into his next project, SBS’s Prosecutor Princess with Kim So-yeon.

Of all its achievements, I’m going to be shallow and say that I’m most pleased that Chuno has turned the trend away from the “flower boys” of 2009 to the “beast-men” of 2010. “Beast,” of course, refers to their raw, animalistic appeal, which goes in stark contrast to the slim, sophisticated metrosexual looks that have dominated in recent years. (Not that metro is going out of style, but at least we have a counter to that now!) In the past, there have been a few actors who have been able to carry off strong masculine appeal — among them Shin Hyun-joon, Joo Jin-mo, even Jang Dong-gun — but they’ve been in the minority. If we get to see more of them because of Chuno, that’s something to be happy about.

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Park Ki-woong joins the slaves in Chuno

With this week’s episodes, Park Ki-woong joins the cast of Chuno, briefly appearing in Episode 15 before being featured in earnest in Thursday’s Episode 16. (A few more spoilery bits beyond the jump.)

This is Park’s first role in a sageuk; until last year, he was more known for an attention-getting cell phone CF than his acting, until he broke through with a memorable performance in last year’s Story of a Man. In Chuno, he again goes counter to his existing image (who else didn’t recognize him at first glance?) as he leads the gang of slaves.

In Wednesday’s Episode 15, Park shows up for a brief but important moment as he saves the nobleman-hunting Up-bok (Gong Hyung-jin) from death. Starting in Episode 16, he joins Up-bok and Keut-bong (Jo Hee-bong) in the gang devoted to liberating slaves and is called “savior” by the other slaves whom he helps. His character is young and born a slave, yet is well-mannered and educated, on top of being skilled in martial arts.

Park said of his role, “Because I’m joining a hit drama midway through, I feel both pressure and excitement at the same time. This is my first time acting in a sageuk, but I’m working hard to express this character well. Please keep watching.”

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kim Jong Kook chooses between Lee Hyori and Yoon Eun Hye

For those of you who have watched the hit variety show X-Man back in the day, you should remember the scandal between singer Kim Jong Kook and singer/actress Yoon Eun Hye. And for those of you who have been following Family Outing Season 1 should definitely remember Kim Jong Kook’s awkward yet cute relationship with singer Lee Hyori. Well, it’s finally come down to this!

On yesterday’s broadcast of MBC’s Golden Fishery Radio Star, Kim Jong Kook was finally asked to choose between the sexy diva Lee Hyori and the well-rounded entertainer Yoon Eun Hye. But before they got down to the juicy details, MC Shin Jung Hwan probed, “What are your true feelings for Lee Hyori?” To this, Kim Jong Kook responded, “She’s not bad. She’s pretty, economical, she can cook well, and she has a good personality.”

However, that answer did not seem to satisfy the MCs’ needs as MC Kim Gook Jin asked the long-awaited question, “If there were only two women in the world and they were Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Hyori, who would you choose?” Sorry to disappoint you Lee Hyori and Pet Kook Jong fans but Kim Jong Kook simply responded, “Yoon Eun Hye.”

After hearing Kim Jong Kook’s response, MC Kim Gura asked Kim Gook Jin the same question, to which he answered, “I would choose Lee Hyori.” However, Kim Jong Kook left the audience in laughter when he replied, “Really? Have you ever filmed a show with her before?”

Oh Kim Jong Kook! It seems as if old habits don’t change! But I’m not entirely disappointed, partly because their love scandal was what made Xman worth watching at times. But then again, I was rooting for the awkward couple during the old Family Outing days! Either way, I think Kim Jong Kook looks good with both women. What do you think?

And if you’ve never seen Xman before, here’s the clip that escalated Kim Jong Kook’s scandal with Yoon Eun Hye!


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Jaebeom is not returning to 2PM

Yes. The worst has happened. 2PM’s leader Park Jaebeom has quit for good after it was announced on JYPE’s website on the evening of February 25th, shocking Hottests in Korea and the world.

JYP Entertainment has released a letter online towards the public”

“On December 22, 2009, Park Jaebeom’s representative stated over the phone that Jaebeom confessed that his actions were very wrong. After the MySpace controvery got quite out of control last summer, the six other members were very shocked. On January 6, 2010, everyone of us (along with the members) sat down for a discussion and came to an agreement that it will no longer be possible for Park Jaebeom to continue activities along with 2pm.”

JYP stated that Park Jaebeom’s social impulses were a private matter. They also said that it was difficult to reveal the details of Park Jaebeom’s offenders who had intruded into his privacy and posted the comments.

We can only hope that the JYP conference on the 27th along with the 2PM fan communities will go smoothly. 100 Hottests have now gathered at the JYPE building in Seoul to protest.

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CNBLUE does burning version of I’m a Loner and Romeo and Juliet on M! Countdown

The CNBLUE boys were back in action on the February 25th episode of M! Countdown where they did the burning version of their hit single, I’m a Loner.

It’s got a slight rock beat to it and gives a totally whole new flavour to the song. I am sure you will like it just like the original.

They also had the time for a Romeo and Juliet special stage.

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KARA reveals secret behind their bodies

Celebrities do not get their gorgeous figures with just a snap of the finger; they actually have to work hard more than anyone else to maintain it. All of the members of KARA have great bodies, and they manage to keep healthy. What is their secret to this? Well, these ladies have finally revealed their diet plan to the public so that you guys to have a great body like theirs too!

As you can notice, the song that lead the group to fame, Pretty Girl, had a very cute concept. Lupin took a 180 degree turn, as they came back with the sexy look. But to pull this off, the girls had to go on a strict diet. The group said, “After finishing our promotions for Honey, we went on a diet. We can’t have the cute concept forever.”

The diet for each member is similar with a few different details tweaked for each member. Reducing the intake of carbohydrates and eating foods with high vitamins is a must and they usually eat chicken breast and sweet potatoes for dinner. Member Nicole wakes up early in the morning to pack her own lunch. She said, “I take note of the calories I take in for each meal. This is the most effective way to control how much you eat. Anyone can succeed if they try and stick to it.”

For the members, dance practice makes up the most of their exercise.

The group then said, “No one forces us to take care of our bodies. Since it is our job, we want to look good to the public, so we do it with our own will.”

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John Park’s first live performance on American Idol!

Korean American John Park, who made it to the round of 24 on American Idol, gave his first live performance on the Fox show today!

His song choice, God Bless the Child by Billie Holiday, was attacked by the judges, but he revealed that it held personal significance to him.

Although the judges frowned on the performance and gave rather harsh comments, he gave a great performance and it was easy to tell that his heart and soul was in the performance.

Be sure to support John through his Idol journey starting tonight by voting for him! He is a step forward for all aspiring Asian American musicians, and your help could shoot him to the top!

Call 1-866-436-5708 (toll free) to cast a vote for him as he aims to be the next American Idol. You can also text VOTE to 5708 (AT&T subscribers).

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Big Bang, 2NE1, and 2PM want you all to know that they’re on Youtube and they want you to subscribe to their channels! Each group made a special video thanking fans, subscribers, and Youtube for all the love we’ve poured into their little videos over the months.

Who knew Bom sounded so ghetto fabulously hot when she spoke English? Watch CL break it down in her native tongue here:

Big Bang can’t speak English and the awkwardness is spectacular! Though I must admit Taeyang definitely held his own. Watch the hottie speak a little ingles here and check out GD’s scientist’s specs:

Watch Taec speak dumb here:

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Kim Jung-eun and Jin-gu of Le Grand Chef 2 in Los Angeles The Korean Film Festival in Los Angeles (KOFFLA) is set to kick

The Korean Film Festival in Los Angeles (KOFFLA) is set to kick off on March 4. The 4-day festival will be held at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

Attending opening night is Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle stars Kim Jung-eun (Lovers in Paris) and Jin-gu!

Opening show: Le Grand Chef 2 will be the
opening movie for the KOFFLA

John Cho (Harold and Kumar & Star Trek) is the spokesman for the KOFFLA while Park Chan-wook (director of Old Boy & I’m A Cyborg, but that’s OK) is part of the advisory board.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, more than 60 features and shorts will be shown at the festival, and there will be special events such as a master class with cinematographer Kim Hyung-ku and an Actorfest – a one-day event for actors and aspiring actors to participate in panels, workshops and meetings.

Represent: John Cho (right) is proud to be the
spokesperson for the film fest

For tickets and more information, go to

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The day we’ve all been waiting for is here!

Figure skater, Kim Yuna set foot at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and is ranked no.1 in the ladies short program!

There is an incredible amount of pressure on her as she carries the weight of the entire nation on her shoulders to win the gold medal. I’m surprised she hasn’t cracked under pressure yet!

Yuna was the 23rd skater to perforn, and just before her was Japanese figure skater Asada Mao, who is constantly overshadowed by Yuna as well as being her biggest rival. Asada Mao had a short moment of victory by being ranked no.1 for a few minutes with her impressive score of 73.78, but Yuna kept her steady composure which lead her to receive a score of 78.50, and another new world record!

In case you missed it, check out the performances below:

Asada Mao:

Kim Yuna:

Korea FTW!

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