Monday, February 8, 2010

UEE is going back to acting

After School’s UEE is coming back as an actress in the upcoming drama Buddy Buddy. She will be playing a country girl who dreams about being a national golf player.

Her character, Sung Mi Soo, grabs a golf club at a young age and is inspired to play for the rest of her life. She’s from a poor family but she works hard to achieve her dream and make her family proud.

The casting directors wanted to find someone who looked very healthy and fit for this role. They also wanted someone who was generally interested in sports. UEE is known for having honey thighs specially made from swimming. So in terms of athletics, UEE was the perfect fit.

Buddy Buddy’s director said, “She’s taken over the music and endorsement fields but not the acting field just yet. She is working to build a new image for herself and will definitely progress in terms of acting.” UEE said, “The director told me to act natural but acting and playing golf is really hard. I will have sleepless nights to go over deliver.”

Are you guys ready for the pro-golfer UEE?

credit : heartfacee @ allkpop + as labeled

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