Monday, February 8, 2010

Extreme Pillow Fighting on Star King

One of the guests on the last episode of Star King was Canadian Charlie Davis, the World Champion in Pillow Fighting. She has to demonstrate her sport to the the celebrity panel and asks for a volunteer. She uses SHINee’s Minho as her punching bag, er assistant, did no one tell this woman about Kpop fans and netizens?

Then Minho takes on Kim Jong Min, it’s Leeteuk versus Eunhyuk, and Minho takes on the champ for real. I somehow don’t think drop kicking your opponent is legal.

That’s not all, Seohyun and Sooyoung step it up and fans get some girl-on-girl pillow fight action. I wonder if the SNSD maknae was venting her frustrations on Sooyoung because she came out swinging. It could also be she wanted to look good in front of Minho who chose her as his ideal girl out of the SNSD members there at the show.

Ah, you gotta love Korean variety shows. Where else can you see your favorite Kpop idols trying to knock each other out.

credit : hijinx @ seoulbeats + as labeled

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