Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kim So Eun goes from cute to sexy for Elle

The “cute and lovely” Ga Eul Kim So Eun famously from Boys Over Flowers has radically changed her image for the latest issue of Elle. These photoshoot pictures reveal Kim So Eun with a chic, yet sexy style still showing her feminine image. She is seen wearing a white shirt with her smokey makeup. The photoshoot is to be titled “Oh My Baby Honey Love,” and will reveal Kim So Eun’s sharp contrast as well as her more matured image.

A staff member from Elle stated, “She has definitely gotten prettier and has a mature aura in this shoot.” They were also surprised by the radical change in her image as they commented, “How can she change that much?” and joked, “Has there been a change in her heart?

Kim So Eun commented, “I was able to rest for the past three months, traveling with my friends. But most importantly, I thought about a lot of things. It might be because of that [thinking] which made me change.

Kim So Eun’s photoshoot will be revealed in the March issue of Elle as well as on Elle atZINE.

credit : maestro_J@ allkpop+as labeled

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