Thursday, February 18, 2010

SS501 Concert in Thailand

Kim Hyun Joong sayin' even though he didn't get to come,
he absolutely LOVES Malaysian girls...

I write this entry with a heavy heart. Malaysians were so close to watching SS501 live in concert last December, but it didn't materialize. By now, we are not surprised anymore. Our friends in Thailand just have all the luck.

Korean boyband SS501 performed in Thailand on 13 February. The boys were on their Asian tour PERSONA which took them to six asian countries with concerts in Seoul, Japan, Taiwan, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Thailand. SS501 performed at Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand.

SS501 will conclude their PERSONA tour in Seoul with concerts at Seoul Gymnastics stadium on 27 and 28 February, 2010.

Here are pics of SS501 in action!

Kim Hyun Joong leads the pack and belts out "I'm your man"

SS501 strikes a pose

Fan girls go berserk at the sight of 'em lovely boys
credit : orchid @ kpopped+ as labeled

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