Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oh Ji-ho’s new CF offers huge payday

Oh Ji-ho is seeing the fruits of his labor in the currently running smash series Chuno, as he has landed a CF deal that comes with a startlingly large paycheck: 200 million won (approximately $175,000) for six months as brand model.

The deal is to represent Nong Shim and Ojingeo Jjamppong ramyun products. Oh shot the ad on February 1 in Ilsan (eating ten servings of noodles — yum! and also, ugh!), which will hit TV airwaves mid-February. According to Oh’s management, the ramyun market boasts some pretty heavy promotion, featuring endorsements from top celebrities like soccer star Park Ji-sung. A Nong Shim representative explained that they were looking for a “big card” name for the new contract when they decided on Oh, who is attracting a lot of attention for his escaped-slave role in Chuno.

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