Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Goong to be turned into a musical

Four years after it was a drama sensation, Goong (aka Princess Hours) is being turned into a musical. (That means that the franchise has a manhwa, a drama, a drama spinoff, and now a theater production.)

Production company Group Eight announced on February 2 that the musical would open on September 3 at the Seoul National Museum’s theater. Group Eight had reportedly considered the possibility of a musical adaptation from the outset, and this version will bring back the main producers of the drama series, including writer In Eun-ah (who’d gone on to write My Tutor Friend 2, Love & Marriage, and — surprisingly? — horror series Hon).

The Cinderella drama that catapulted Yoon Eun-hye and Joo Ji-hoon to stardom was known for its splendid visuals and costuming that mixed classical Korean hanbok and royal garb with a modern flair. The musical will also feature a fusion of song styles, from classical to hip-hop, jazz, and traditional Korean. Dancing will range from ballet (one of the main characters is a ballerina) to court dance to B-boying. Leads for the musical are currently being auditioned.

Aw man, now THIS I’d want to see.

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