Friday, February 26, 2010

Chuno’s Han Jung-soo in Men’s Health

Wow, what a gorgeous shot of a gorgeous man. Speaking of Chuno, here’s another of its buzzmaking cast members: slave-hunting warrior General Choi, aka actor Han Jung-soo, in a spread for March’s issue of Men’s Health magazine.

He’s currently making a name for himself as part of Jang Hyuk’s band of slave hunters. When Chuno wraps, Han will be busy jumping right into his next project, SBS’s Prosecutor Princess with Kim So-yeon.

Of all its achievements, I’m going to be shallow and say that I’m most pleased that Chuno has turned the trend away from the “flower boys” of 2009 to the “beast-men” of 2010. “Beast,” of course, refers to their raw, animalistic appeal, which goes in stark contrast to the slim, sophisticated metrosexual looks that have dominated in recent years. (Not that metro is going out of style, but at least we have a counter to that now!) In the past, there have been a few actors who have been able to carry off strong masculine appeal — among them Shin Hyun-joon, Joo Jin-mo, even Jang Dong-gun — but they’ve been in the minority. If we get to see more of them because of Chuno, that’s something to be happy about.

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