Thursday, September 15, 2011

Will Not Be Updating the Blog In The Near Future~~

Hello everyone.

From now on, i will not updating any news to this blog. It's not like my love to K-Entertainment were fade away. I just decided to stop. ^_^. Since i just copy and past the news from the other blog, u can just go directly to those popular blog for the update from ur fav K-Celeb!

So i wanna share some of my concern to K-Entertainment news before i go :

1. Preparing my heart for 1d2n withdrawal. The show will end on Feb 2011. It's still hard for me to believe it. And recently before this news being announce i'm in the middle of watching all old episodes 1n2d. It's a big shocking since i'm starting to love this show so much!

2. Adding to that MC Kang Hong Dong involved in tax invasion scandal, and
already announced his temporary retirement from any TV Show. Which mean, no KHD on 1n2d? Nonsense! Oppa, please come back soon! My heart nearly exploded because of this madness. I get teary eyes if i read any articles related to KHD.

3. Recently, withdrawal from Scent Of A Woman, and will try to find sometime to finished all last 3 ep from Beautiful Spy. And for now, i don't addicted to any drama. Trying to catching up the drama i've watched half way. But lately i love variety show more!ROLF!^_^

Till then..

Have a nice day ahead!^_^


P/s : I might come back tho!LOL!^_^