Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cinderella’s Sister releases its music video

As previously announced, KBS’s new drama Cinderella’s Sister has released an introductory music video prior to the drama’s premiere (this Wednesday), which you can watch below. The song featured is from the OST, called “It Has To Be You” (너 아니면 안돼) and is sung by Yesung.

As a whole, I tend to be skeptical of stuff like tie-in MVs, especially since the drama hasn’t aired yet and none of these characters means anything to us yet. It’s just a music video and we’ve pretty much seen all the stills already. I may be colored by my general fatigue of Cinderella’s Sister-related promotions, but I think the moments would have meant more outside of an MV format. For instance, the back-hug is pretty great — a short moment with some keen acting by Moon Geun-young and Chun Jung-myung — but I would much rather feel its impact within context, since I love those actors and know they’d kill the scene.

The drama premieres on March 31, and I know I’m not the only one who will be breathing in relief, “Finally!” Here’s the MV:

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Rain’s comeback stages to be delayed

Align Center

It seems that singer Rain’s comeback delay is inevitable. This is because there is high chance that all 3 major music shows will not be going on air for the 1st week of April.

Initially there are plans for Rain to have his comeback with the song ‘Love Story’ to be released on 1st April and will go on the 3 major music shows KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo from 2nd to 4th April for his comeback stages.

But with the CheonAhnHam sinking incident, there is high possibility that the 3 music shows will not be on air considering the society atmosphere. And it may mean that Rain’s comeback stage may be delayed.

A Music Bank official said on 30th March, “Music Bank will not be on air on 2nd April due to the CheonAhnHam sinking incident.” MBC Music Core also stated that they will not be going on air on 3rd April since they are not a ranking show.As for SBS Inkigayo, discussions are still in the midst regarding whether they will go on air on 4th April.

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Latest of the WonderGirls on Youtube!

Girlgroup WonderGirls relay their recent situation through a video on Youtube.

On 29th March, a video was uploaded on the WonderGirls’ official Youtube channel. The video was filmed in the States, but currently the girls are in Korea to prepare for their upcoming album 1st full length American album in May.

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G-Dragon features Flo Rida on newly released Heartbreaker

G-Dragon just re-released “Heartbreaker” featuring the popular artist Flo Rida!

And it sounds just as good, or even better than the original…

You decide!

G-Dragon also released his special 2nd CD that includes 5 new remixes. Check out the tracklist:

CD 1
01. Heartbreaker
02. This love
03. HELLO (feat. Dara)
04. Gossip man
05. My age is 13+Storm+Fly Gentlemen+G-DRAGON
06. A Boy
07. The Leaders (feat. TEDDY, CL)
08. Breathe
09. Butterfly
10. But I love u
11. She’s Gone(feat. Kush)
12. Only Look at Me(feat. Taeyang)
13. Korean Dream (feat. Taeyang)
14. 1 Year Station
15. Lies
16. Heartbreaker(Encore)
CD 2: Bonus CD
01. Heartbreaker (feat. Flo Rida)
02. This love (G.H remix)
03. A Boy (Choice37 remix)
04. Breathe (hitchhiker remix)
05. Heartbreaker (Choice37 remix)

Are 5 new remixes enticing enough to get you to buy the 2nd CD?

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Choi Jin-shil’s brother Choi Jin-young commits suicide


Only a year and a half after his older sister committed suicide, now actor-singer Choi Jin-young has been discovered dead after taking his own life on the morning of March 29.

Choi Jin-young’s body is currently in the funeral hall of a Kangnam hospital in Seoul. A rep from his side said on the afternoon of the 29th, “We heard the sudden sad news from his family. We heard that he has passed away, but we were not told the details. We are stricken with grief.”

Much-beloved actress Choi Jin-shil’s death rocked the industry when she committed suicide after battling depression in October 2008. Her mental anguish was aggravated by the constant malicious harassment of a netizen who accused Choi of contributing to the suicide of her friend, fellow actor Ahn Jae-hwan, just a month prior. Those two deaths were the first in a series of celebrity suicides that followed (many of those celebrities were said to be battling depression as well).

After her death, an ugly custody battle unfolded between her family (Jin-young and their mother) and her ex-husband, former baseball player (and deadbeat dad and abusive husband) Jo Sung-min, who eventually relinquished his claim after massive public outcry. Her two children were being raised by Jin-young and their grandmother, and Jin-young had taken on a fatherly role to them. He was even planning on making an acting comeback — he announced plans to return to television just earlier this month. He had announced, “I’ve got to earn a living and start acting again for the sake of my niece and nephew. I’ll have to show them in person what kind of work their uncle does.”

Choi Jin-young battled depression of his own, and sank into a prolonged spell following his sister’s death. It is believed that he died by hanging; his mother discovered his body at home and police were called on Monday afternoon. Choi was 39.

Below, he is pictured with his sister’s two children.

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Rain kisses Han Ye-seul in Love Song

The second MV teaser for Korean superstar Rain’s comeback track Love Song has been released.

Instead of being pissed off at love , the 28 year old is seen smooching his lady love, played by Han Ye-seul.

Rain’s special mini album Back to the Basic drops April 1. No, it ain’t an April Fool’s joke ;-P.

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Release of teaser videos from Rain and Lee Hyori in 1 hour interval – start of the April mega showdown

We see the start of the ‘April mega showdown’ with the release of comeback teaser video by Lee Hyori and Rain within a one-hour interval today.

Lee Hyori released the teaser video to her comeback at 11am on Mnet and Naver showing new radical hairstyle and fashion concepts for her comeback on 29th March. And in less than 10 minutes into the reveal, it is already up #1 on search portal sites.

And following at 12 noon, Rain released a new teaser video to his comeback special album. And what is special about this album is that the title song is a ballad and not a dance song like Rain’s usual hits.

Another highlight to the comeback is that for the MV, Rain will be working with Han YeSeul. Rain will show a ’soft guy’ side of him in the MV.

This marks the start of the mega showdown of the Kpop singers in April. Other than Rain and Lee Hyori, other singers like 2PM, Son DamBi etc are also set to have their comeback in April.

Lee Hyori will release the MV to the album on 1st April and the full album release on 8th April. And Rain will release his new special album on 1st April.

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Will Chuno have a Season 2?

While I wouldn’t get too excited yet, there is a lot of talk and speculation over the possibility of a Chuno Season 2, given the intense popularity of the drama, which ended this past week.

A representative from Chuno’s production company, Chorokbaem Media, gave interviews to the press on the 26th saying that they have discussed the possibility of airing a Season 2, although nothing has been confirmed yet. A different representative from the broadcasting side confirmed that they are looking favorably at the matter, but that nothing had been decided.

The day before, PD Kwak Jung-hwan was asked by a reporter at the finale event, which took place at KBS’s Yeouido building, about the chance of a Season 2 being produced. He gave a roundabout answer, saying that writer Chun Sung-il would have to write it, but that every day he feels differently. Kwak added that he’d like to do a contemporary drama, and would like to choose something with a strong genre flavor, as genre dramas haven’t really been done much in Korean television.

On the other hand, in contrast with PD Kwak’s vague answers, another source with the production spoke more affirmatively, saying that a Chuno 2 would take the form of a prequel, “centered around the story of the two men” (Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji-ho). It would be set against the backdrop of the Manchu war, when Song Tae-ha (Oh) was still a military officer protecting his country. It would show how Injo and Prince So-hyun came to their tragic ends, as well as portraying the lives of the commoners who suffered through the harsh wartime.

However, there are still some hurdles to overcome, such as the fact that KBS and Chorokbaem Media had each invested half into a limited liability company that produced the first season. That LLC holds the sequel rights, so even if KBS wants a sequel, both sides must be onboard.

Furthermore, writer Chun is CEO of the film company Harimao Pictures (whose first feature was the hit spy-action romantic comedy Level 7 Civil Servant, which Chun also wrote). As such, he is busy with Harimao’s next project, a film called All Quiet on the Western Front [서부전선 이상없다] whose production had previously been delayed. Chun also expressed interest in doing a modern drama first.

Still, many are optimistic about a Chuno Season 2. In addition to high viewership ratings at home, it has attracted substantial overseas buzz, and if it can achieve status as a Hallyu drama, like Jewel In the Palace did overseas, the possibility for a sequel would improve.

One insider who requested anonymity said that as a result of Chuno’s success, there are a lot of people with ambitious thoughts, spurred by the smell of money. Therefore, “If everyone works together to not allow greed to ruin the project, plans [for the sequel] will come out by the end of the year.”

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‘Chuno’ and SNSD meets, parody video ‘ChuNyeoShiDae’ garners interests

So Nyeo Shi Dae meets Chuno.

Recently there has been great interests over various portal sites regarding a parody video posted up titled ‘ChuNyeoShiDae’. The title comes from girlgroup So Nyeo Shi Dae and drama ‘Chuno’ which recently ended on KBS 2TV.

The video uses the familar background music from ‘Chuno’ as well as images from So Nyeo Shi Dae’s ‘Run Devil Run’ MV. The images were also given a touch of comic-fied feel.

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[Rumor] Song Hye-gyo and Hyun Bin Broke Up?

Say what? Did Korea’s hot hot hot entertainment couple, Hyun Bin and Song Hye-gyo, call it quits?

After filming the drama “Worlds Within” together, it was confirmed in August 2009 that the good-looking couple started dating in June of that year.

Fans of the hot drama commodity Hyun Bin squealed in glee at rumors of their separation, but the couple is refuting the claim. Management from both sides are saying that separation rumors are just rumors.

Entertainment reporters stated, “We know that because Song Hye-gyo and Hyun Bin both have tight schedules this year, they mutually wish to remain as good colleagues.”

Hyun Bin’s management refuted the claim, “We don’t know why such a story came up,” and then “We know that the two do not have any problems that would cause a separation. They have a strong relationship.”

Song Hye-gyo’s management also denied separation rumors, “This is by no means true. The two have a strong relationship.”

As for their schedules, Hyun Bin, from January to early March of this year, was filming for the upcoming Korea-America joint film “Manchu” (만추, 晚秋) in Seattle. Additionally, due to schedules, Hyun Bin is still out of the country.

Song Hye-gyo was also a busy girl in January, filming for the omnibus film, “Camellia,” in a segment called, “Love for Sale” alongside Kang Dong-won. Currently, Song Hye-go is in China, filming for the Wong Kar-wai-directed film, “The Grand Master” (일대종사, 一代宗師), starring Tony Leung.

Celebrity separation rumors are quite trendy these days. “High Kick Through the Roof” actress Hwang Jung-eum and S.G Wannabe’s Kim Yong-jun were also rumored to be separated and pretending to hold on to their relationship. Moreover, the 2007 drama “Air City” couple of Choi Ji-woo and Lee Jin-wook also are plagued with rumors of separation, as Lee Jin-wook is serving his military duty and Choi Ji-woo is busy with overseas schedules.

All three of these couples are denying rumors. Still, fans are question how couples, especially between celebrities, can last if they ca

n’t see each other face-to-face. It’s a valid point.

Do you think there’s any truth to these reports of star separation?

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Review: Super Junior Super Show 2 concert in Malaysia – Part 2

Photos by Orchid

Liz K-popped, who was at Super Junior’s Super Show 2 in Malaysia, continues her review on the sell-out concert. The show, which is currently the talk of the town, seems to have breathed new life into the Korean wave (Hallyu) in Malaysia.

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 15
Talk of the town: SuJu' Super Show 2 has gotten the local press a buzzin'

정말 감사합니다 수퍼주니어!

Read Part 1 here.

Press play – Disc 2

Fan service: Donghae (left) and Siwon check each other's breath

After singing another one of their faster hits (Twins), Super Junior slowed things down with Our Love. The boys were rather playful during this bit as Sungmin brought out a video cam to record his friends while they sang their parts. Heechul, the diva of the group, pushed Kyuhyun to the side and dominated the stage during the latter’s part. Fans screamed in delight.

Things got weird when the boys covered Peter, Paul and Mary’s Puff the Magic Dragon.

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 19
Playtime: SuJu boys relive their childhood days

While poor Kyuhyun (I like this guy, he’s so hardworking…and he’s the youngest of the lot at 22!) sang the kiddie song (pic, far left), the boys, led by Heechul in a green dragon suit, fooled around behind him in large insect / animal costumes (pic, centre). It looked like the boys were in a children’s programme.

Eunhyuk, while wrestling with a snake (pic, right), did the famous Kara butt dance for Mister. The fans, again, went wild.

Next, five of the singers namely Shindong, Eeteuk, Kyuhyun, Donghae and Eunhyuk busted some moves for the dance interval before Henry took centre stage again (minus violin) with his self-composed Sick of Love.

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 20
Heartfelt: Siwon is "a flower quickly fading, a wave tossed in the ocean, a vapor in the wind"

Siwon popped out for his solo wearing his faith on his sleeve when he belted out Who Am I (by Casting Crowns). The 23 year old commendably sang in English…but honestly, it was difficult to make out what he was singing, except for the pre-chorus which got me singing along.

Next, ELFs were thrilled when SuJu M, including Zhou Mi, sang their Mandarin songs Blue Tomorrow and Super Girl.

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 21
Message: Donghae calls everyone ELF

A sweet moment followed in Shining Star as the boys got to really connect with fans. Sitting on stools at strategic locations all across the stage, the boys serenaded the crowd while soaking in their fans’ love.

What a touching moment, so much so that Eeteuk (the group’s leader) ended up in tears.

Yup, take it all in guys, take it all in. SuJu has sure come a long way since debuting in 2005.

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 22
Shining moment: Soaking in the fans' love

Relaxed: Siwon (left, from my view) & Sungmin (Orchid's view) during Shining Star

After a smokin’ R&B Sorry Sorry – Answer video interlude, the boys – looking absolutely dashing in white suits – appeared on stage again for their latest hit Sorry, Sorry.

By then, the energy had somewhat fizzled and SuJu didn’t quite nail the song. It was bland. For a kick from that track, I suggest watching the music video.

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 23
Sorry, Sorry: There was no oomph to the song

Things got weirder when five of the boys dressed up as girls – with Heechul leading the way (of course) – to parody labelmate f(x). They sang Chu.

From boys to...girls?: Parodying f(x) and having a
lot of fun with it

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 25
Sweeties take the stage: Ryeowook (left) and Heechul in their feminine get up

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 27
Strut: Heechul (left) and Siwon pretend they are on the catwalk

The show became self-indulgent when the boys seemed more interested in fooling around than performing. It was soon a blur of shoving and prancing around on stage. The concert ended with Pajama Party but SuJu returned for 3 encores.

The encore was a whirlwind of props and costumes as the boys brought out their water guns, fuzzy animal hats and mechanical toys. It officially turned into a super carnival (just like their song, huh?). I glazed over.

Something fishy: 'Dude, I found Nemo! He's on your head.'

Point and shoot: 'Where's Super Blast on this thing?'

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 28
Funky: 'Yeah, I don't look dumb, I just got a fish on me head.'

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 31
Attention: The SuJu boys are preoccupied by a wound up Teletubby
and mechanical cymbal-banging monkey

SuJu then gave a shout out to all their Asian fans – Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand and even China were represented at the concert. For the heck of it Siwon asked “America?” and the crowd did not respond which prompted him to say: “Asians are one.”

Eeteuk then mentioned that the group is working on their 4th album and asked the fans to go: “사집 대박” (The 4th album will be awesome) and asked Siwon to tell the fans (in Siwon’s English): “(We) appreciate about coming to our concert.”

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 33
Pirate: Siwon is happy to be the master of the seas

Awww, we appreciate you guys for coming to Malaysia too, but maybe next time, less fooling around onstage towards the end and finish the show strong.

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 32
Final message: 'Yeah, we need to relieve stress after working so hard.'

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 34
Gotcha!: 'Ha ha're IT'

The SuJu boys ended their Super Show 2 in Malaysia with the fan-pleasing Marry U. Oh, thank you very much…but I don’t know you that well ;-).

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 35
Farewell: The SuJu boys take their final bow, along with Henry (black pants, cap)
and Zhou Mi (black shirt) of SuJu M

Jang Hyuk picks next project with All About Eve

Hot on the heels of his latest success playing slave hunter Dae-gil in Chuno — which ended this week — actor Jang Hyuk has announced his follow-up project: a Chinese remake of the Korean drama All About Eve, which was a hit back in 2000 when it starred Jang Dong-gun and Chae Rim (and Kim So-yeon as a scene-stealing second lead, playing the ultimate villainess role).

According to Jang’s management Sidus HQ, he will take the role initially played by Jang Dong-gun. The series is set in the broadcasting industry, and the original had Chae Rim and Kim So-yeon as rival rookies, while Jang Dong-gun played an experienced PD. The character played by Chae Rim will be portrayed by singer-actress Zhu Dan, while her backstabbing rival will be played by Taiwanese actress Cheryl Yang.

The series is planning for a September premiere on Chinese television.

I don’t know the actresses involved so I can’t weigh in on them (anyone?), but I’m a bit wary of an All About Eve remake. Unless they rework the story a lot, doesn’t it seem rather old-school? (Bad girl schemes to one-up good girl whom everyone loves, particularly the handsome, rich, and senior colleague who rides to her rescue. It’s the classic Cinderella tale, but without a clever or modern twist.) Jang Hyuk had been planning to make his entry into the Chinese market with a television series, which he gave up to do Chuno, so I guess he’s eager to get back on that horse now that he’s free again.

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Prayer ceremony for Personal Taste

The production of MBC’s Personal Taste held its prayer ceremony this week, as you can see from these photos featuring the cast, namely Sohn Ye-jin, Lee Min-woo, Kim Ji-suk, and Wang Ji-hye.

There have been a few comments in past threads so for the sake of clarification, the prayer ceremony isn’t a religious exercise, despite its name. It’s a common practice on film and drama sets and is often held in before filming begins or a drama premieres, to wish for good fortune and a safe production experience.

The occasion was held in the Yangju Cultural Village, which houses one of the drama’s principal filming locations, the traditional Korean-style house where Sohn Ye-jin’s character lives, into which Lee Min-ho moves as her roommate. The home was built by the drama production specifically for the drama, and it figures significantly in the plot. In addition to the cast, also present were the drama’s director, MBC drama department’s vice president, the CEO of Yigim Productions, the crew, and the writer of the original novel. (Writer Lee Sae-in, by the way, is also penning the drama scripts. I’m considering this a positive thing, because I’m hoping she’ll be confident knowing when to be faithful to the original story, but more importantly, when it’s safe to diverge.)

The drama is riding pretty decent pre-show buzz, but it does have a significant hurdle to overcome: The article notes that not since 2008 has an MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama been able to draw double-digit ratings. (That’s mostly true. The one exception is Return of Iljimae in early 2009, which started off in the teens but ended in the single digits. Then came Cinderella Man, which was riddled with writing flaws; Triple, whose sluggish pace lost viewer interest; Hon, which managed a few episodes in the 10%-11% range but mostly averaged around 9%; Heading to the Ground, which was a mess all the way through; Hero, which was a mania draw but had very low numbers and couldn’t keep up with IRIS; and the most recent series, The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry, which was no match for Chuno’s blockbuster numbers.)

Personal Taste will have to prove itself against some tough competition: It premieres March 31 against KBS’s Cinderella’s Sister and SBS’s Prosecutor Princess.

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Rain bags 3 awards at the 2010 Green Planet Movie Awards

Singer actor Rain has won 3 award categories for the upcoming 2010 Green Planet Movie Awards.

The winners for the ‘2010 Greeen Planet Movie Awards’ were announced on 23rd March in American LA Western Bonaventure Hotel & Suites. Rain is awarded for ‘Representative Asian Star Top 10′, ‘Asian Cultural Awards’ and ‘Best Foreign International Awards’.

Green Planet Movie Awards (formerly Green Globe Film Awards) recognize Hollywood’s and Asia’s finest films, actors and filmmakers while raising awareness about the environment.

The theme for this year’s award ceremony is ‘Asian Movies’. And local movie ‘Mother’ was also awarded the best foreign movie.

Meanwhile, actress Kim YoonJin and Kim HyeSoo are also awarded the 10 best Asian actresses of the decade.

credit{sookyeong@kbites+as labeled

Jang GeunSeok’s singer debut? Participation in charity project album

Jang GeunSeok will be releasing a song ‘Dream, Lift Your Wings’ for charity project album.

The charity project album ‘Dream, Lift Your Wings’ is produced under singer producer Kim HyunChul and Jang GeunSeok will take part in singing the song ‘Dream, Lift Your Wings’. Other than Jang GeunSeok, there will be other versions of the song sung by In Sooni, Kim JangHoon, and Im TaeKyung etc.

Jang GeunSeok will also be performing the song on 27th March in Seoul Square at the ‘Volunteer 1365 Ready Action’ event. The sales of the charity album will be used in support of a good cause to funding low income households and need children’s education, and through this, Jang GeunSeok will also be showing features as a singer.

The song will be revealed online on 20th April.

Jang Geunseok’s previous song projects

credit: sookyeong@kbites+as labeled

Review: Super Junior Super Show 2 concert in Malaysia – Part 1

Are you guys still reeling from the Super Show 2? Even with its flaws, I enjoyed Super Junior’s first ever concert in Malaysia. The stage set up was amazing and if anyone should win an award, it would be the production crew.

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 6
Like, wow: The Super Junior Super Show 2 has a RM6 mil price tag on it

The RM6 mil production wowed the senses and the Putra Indoor Stadium in Bukit Jalil proved (once again) to be the place for a concert. The audio blew me away compared to the lousy sound system at TVXQ’s Merdeka Stadium (open air) concert back in 2007.

During the 3-hour sell-out show, SuJu entertained the crowd with 35 songs, including some covers…as well as their funny / zany antics.

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 4
Super Junior: The boys finally made it for a Malaysia concert!

Here’s the lowdown of the Super Show 2 in Malaysia, SuJu’s concert that was watched by 15,000 fans…yes, beating even Rain’s 2007 I’m Coming concert, which was held at the same venue. Back then, Rain performed to 10,000 fans.

Special thanks to Galaxie magazine for giving K-popped! the opportunity to be at the Super Show 2, and of course Marctensia and Red Presents for bringing SuJu to Malaysia!


After the stadium gates opened, it was an hour-long wait before the SuJu boys appeared to fans. Before that, local opening acts Thomas Jack and Iqwal warmed up the already buzzing crowd.

Press play – Disc 1

Anticipation hit the roof when RELA officers and ushers formed lines along various exit points of the stadium. Some of the SuJu boys were about to make their grand entrance through the crowd and the screams were deafening.


Sea of lights:...but no one's feelin' blue that night, I guarantee you that

The lights went down at 8:00pm and the stadium instantly turned into a twinkling sea of blue neon lights – the official colour of Ever Lasting Friends (ELFs or SuJu fans).

With great drama and through trapdoors, the boys magically appeared at strategic locations among the audience and on stage. The crowd went wild.

Surprise!: Kyuhyun appears near the Media Bench (left) and as seen from
Orchid's view (right)

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 7

Magical moment: Some of the boys appeared onstage via trapdoors

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 10

Bringin' the house down: SuJu rocks it out

SuJu then belted out familiar hits such as Thirsty, U, It’s You, Disco Drive, Miracle and Dancing Out. Some of the SuJu boys also started giving “fan service” i.e. teasing ELFs by acting as if they were taking off their tops.

Before the boys launched into Angela, a video introducing all the 10 members who came to Malaysia was shown. They were introduced like so:
  • Dangerous Cinderella – Heechul (of course)
  • A Living Work of Art – Siwon (oh boy, yeah!)
  • Hottest Baby – Kyuhyun (no complaints there)
  • Bubble Boy – Yesung (huh?)
  • Lovable Blurness – Ryeowook (really?)
  • Ultimate Sweetness – Sungmin (so, this means he gets bitten by ants a lot?)
  • Bejewelled – Eunhyuk (yeah, he’s a gem)
  • Sexy Fishy – Donghae (err…?)
  • Cutie Pie – Shindong (kinda :-))
  • Fallen Angel – Eeteuk (aww no, he’s a sweetie, not dark or mean at all)
(Three of the boys did not come for the concert, namely Kangin - suspended from all activities because of his DUI accident; Hankyung - in a legal tussle with SM Entertainment & Kibum - inactive as a SuJu member since 2009)

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 11

Pyrotechnics: Yeah, it's really showtime

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 12
Hangin': The boys all strike a pose

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 13
Blending in: Comics coming to life ;-)

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 14
Ap-pa khap-par, Malaysia?: The boys greet the fans

Half an hour into Super Show 2, the momentum slowed a little during the boys’ solo stages.

My Beautiful: Sings Donghae

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 16
Friend: Eunhyuk (right) breaks it on down with Donghae during the latter's solo

Personally, Yesung’s Give Up bordered on boring and Ryeowook’s cover of Craig David’s Insomnia lacked punch. Eeteuk’s attempt at Park Jin-young’s Honey paled in comparison to the original by Rain’s mentor. Honey is one sexy song…and Eeteuk didn’t manage to sell the sex ;-).

Insomnia: Ryeowook admires his dancer's high boots

The violin-playing Henry (of SuJu M, a subunit of SuJu that caters for the Chinese market) accompanied flamboyant Heechul in Sonata Temptation. The effeminate Heechul proved to be one weird puppy as he burst onto the stage in a white suit with lace trimmings.

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 38
Violinist: Henry of SuJu M takes the spotlight

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 39
Wacky: Heechul (left) goes all girly as Henry patiently waits until he gets
to play the violin again

While Cinderella’s rock number did nothing for me, Henry of SuJu M definitely caught my attention. That boy sure played one mean violin! And what was that? A back bend while performing? Whoa! Somebody, stop him.

Next, an interesting Super Attack reel showed the boys in a bare-knuckled fight under the pouring rain. Sexy.

The fisticuff interlude led to the SuJu boys’ hit track Don’t Don. At the edgy song’s bridge, Henry appeared once again wielding his violin. He was superb.

SuJu SS2 Malaysia 40 copy
Sharing the stage: The SuJu boys with Henry(the pic's a little dark, so you
have to imagine it :-P)
credit : liz@kpopped+as labeld