Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rain reveals comeback dates for himself and MBLAQ

Worldstar Rain’s comeback date in Korea has been confirmed.

It was posted up on Rain’s homepage on 15th March, “The special album will be released on 1st April. I’m very happy that I can be able to show cool performances for 2 months.”

According to Rain, because of the release of the album, there will also be some delays for plans for movie and drama appearances.

He said, “The special album is made for fans and will be collection of a few songs which I’ve collected all this while. I’ll also be performing the song for my concert tour this year.”

It is also known that Rain will be doing a drama the later part of the year.

He revealed, “I’ve been doing a few productions whose contents are rather harsh, I will be back doing something which is more comfortable for fans.”

And Rain also gave a preview to MBLAQ’s new single, “Coming 5th April, I wish everyone will join the fun.”

credit : sookyeong@kbites+as labeled

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