Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Henney hits the Outback

Daniel Henney is starring in a new adventure variety program that took him into the wilds of Western Australia to sample some of its native culture and food. He, his castmate chef Park Sung Woo, and the PDs held a press conference about the show Daniel Henney Goes Outback on March 22nd in Apgujeong CGV in Seoul. They tried various local food like Kangaroo (it’s texture is strong and pepperoni-y tasting), emu, and grubs. About his gastronomical adventure Daniel said ”you know, I just… I was really scared, I didn’t want to eat all this stuff actually…” Check out some of the news conference here.

Other than trying the cuisine, they had to survive the wilds of the Outback too. Henney said there were a lot of snakes, bugs, alligators and spiders which were dangerous. He said that you always had to check your shoes before putting them back on just to make sure some poisonous spider or other creepy crawly didn’t take up residence in your shoes for the night. Daniel also tried out surfing at a spot with a couple of young locals and was having a good time until a shark decided to join the group. It was slightly terrifying and nerve wracking, but no one got hurt. On the show, they also visited with Aborigines and various local attractions. Of the Outback Daniel said it was clean and beautiful in its own way. Of the nights in the Outback, Daniel said that “since birth, I have never seen so many stars.” They released some pics from the show and Mr. Henney, as usual, is looking mighty fine.

Daniel said that it was the first reality show for him to star in and while it was different and difficult he enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. The show was filmed during 15 days back in February and they explored all corners of Western Australia. The show was funded by Outback Steakhouse and will debut on the Olive cable station on April 2nd at 10:00pm. This is the teaser released for the show.

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