Monday, March 15, 2010

Rain’s photo exhibit “Jung Ji-hoon’s Reality”

The next celebrity to take up photography is superstar Rain (aka Jung Ji-hoon), who just participated in a photography exhibit, “Jung Ji-hoon’s Reality.”

Rain’s exhibit takes the theme of “My Lovers” and runs from March 12 through 21, and features photos that he took of fans as well as photos that fans have taken of him. The exhibit is free and is displaying in Sinsadong, Seoul. A related auction was held on March 14.

In order to take the images on display, there were photo sessions at various locations in Seoul, such as in the Garosugil neighborhood and at Coex. Also included are photos shot at his concert location in Japan, as well as from his daily life.

At the auction on the 14th, Rain auctioned off a special package that included the camera he used, a Nikon D5000 kit with bundle lens, as well as signed CDs and a photo collection. Nikon Imaging Korea will donate the proceeds of the auction to the international humanitarian organization Good Neighbors.

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