Friday, March 26, 2010

Jang Hyuk picks next project with All About Eve

Hot on the heels of his latest success playing slave hunter Dae-gil in Chuno — which ended this week — actor Jang Hyuk has announced his follow-up project: a Chinese remake of the Korean drama All About Eve, which was a hit back in 2000 when it starred Jang Dong-gun and Chae Rim (and Kim So-yeon as a scene-stealing second lead, playing the ultimate villainess role).

According to Jang’s management Sidus HQ, he will take the role initially played by Jang Dong-gun. The series is set in the broadcasting industry, and the original had Chae Rim and Kim So-yeon as rival rookies, while Jang Dong-gun played an experienced PD. The character played by Chae Rim will be portrayed by singer-actress Zhu Dan, while her backstabbing rival will be played by Taiwanese actress Cheryl Yang.

The series is planning for a September premiere on Chinese television.

I don’t know the actresses involved so I can’t weigh in on them (anyone?), but I’m a bit wary of an All About Eve remake. Unless they rework the story a lot, doesn’t it seem rather old-school? (Bad girl schemes to one-up good girl whom everyone loves, particularly the handsome, rich, and senior colleague who rides to her rescue. It’s the classic Cinderella tale, but without a clever or modern twist.) Jang Hyuk had been planning to make his entry into the Chinese market with a television series, which he gave up to do Chuno, so I guess he’s eager to get back on that horse now that he’s free again.

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