Saturday, March 6, 2010

Men’s Health just got sexier!

why wouldn’t it, when two hotties collide?

Chuno‘ stars, Jang-hyuk and Han Jung-soo poses for Men’s Health magazine. We think they’re gorgeous and all but, the look on Jang-hyuk’s face is hilarious. Expressions= village unintellectual bully, body = greek god. The concept is masculinity and their chiseled frame justified it. No offense, but the styling makes Jang-hyuk looks like the ‘cool‘ village thug. Nothing is more manly then a souffle-esque mullet. We half-expected him to take our lunch money(we would if he’s topless when hounding us, and we’ll throw in our lunch bag too!). You can go wrong with hair,clothes and make-up, but you can NEVER go wrong with wash-board abs. The photoshoots will be featured in the magazine’s March issue.

"gimme your lunch money kiddo!"

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