Thursday, March 18, 2010

Minho hurt during Dream Team 2 filming

During the March 17th taping of Dream Team 2, SHINee’s Minho was injured during one of the challenges. Apparently, Minho slipped and fell landing badly on his back and hitting his head. He was immediately rushed to a hospital were he was examined and had x-rays taken. Check out this pic that a fan that was at the taping uploaded onto the net.

There was also a fancam video uploaded on Daum, but they have since taken it down. Luckily, Minho was not injured severely and was released from the hospital shortly after all the tests were completed. He is scheduled to take a CT scan later just to be safe. His management company said that Minho had no major injuries and that they expect him to return to filming for the show.

Usually the challenges they do on Dream Team 2 are not dangerous- just challenging, but I guess anything could happen. Last October, member Jo Sung Mo landed weirdly in one of the challenges and ended up breaking his ankle pretty badly which kept him out of commission for several months. Luckily Minho is fine, I became a fan after watching him on the show, he’s very competitive and a real gamer. I kind of feel bad now that one of my favorite parts of the show is the final challenge where they get smashed by a humongous inflated ball or smooshed by padded walls if they’re not fast enough… ah, the agony of Korean variety shows.

credit :hijinx@seoulbeats+as labeled

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