Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ZE:A Trashes Fan Letters

The 9-member idol group ZE:A (Children of Empire) was caught trashing fan letters. (And fresh strawberries! What a waste!)

Someone’s in trouble~

Photos of thrown away letters and half-opened gifts appeared on the Internet, causing quite a bit of concern amongst netizens giving many, “Kids these days” sort of comments about the young idol boys.

The management assures that the trashing wasn’t on purpose. Instead they blamed the cleaners, “A cleaning company was in charge of cleaning the dormitory. We know the time that the cleaners came by. At that time, they let this and similar problems occur.” Anyway, they apologized and assured that something like this would never happen again.

However, netizens responded to the apology, “They’re just putting all the blame on innocent cleaners,” and, “Every time something like this happens, they just blame the cleaners.”

I can just imagine the dismay of the stalker fan that discovered all these thrown-away love letters.

credit : seoulbeats.com+as labeled

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