Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lee Hyori on comeback 4th album, “Had me anticipating and nervous”

Lee Hyori talks about her comeback album, “This 4th album had me anticipating and nervous.”

Lee Hyori wrote on her fan cafe on 3rd March about her upcoming new album. She wrote, “Finally the 8 months of recording has ended. Now that the recordings are all done, we will try our best to release the album soon.” It was recently reported that she will have her comeback this month.

She added, “I’ve waited for so long. I wanted it to be released quickly but because I wanted it to be good as well, it took a long time. Even though it has always been the case, this time the album works were really tough.”

It has not been an easy task for Lee Hyori for this album, not only was she involved in producing, she also took part in the lyrics writing of the songs, taking each and every song seriously.

She ended off with, “This album is something I really like and consists of music that I had always wanted to try out. Even though it was tougn, I’m really excited and it was an enjoyable process. I believe everyone will like it too.”

Meanwhile, she is in the last stage of preparations for her comeback with this 4th album.

credit : sookyeong@ kbites + as labeled

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