Monday, March 29, 2010

Release of teaser videos from Rain and Lee Hyori in 1 hour interval – start of the April mega showdown

We see the start of the ‘April mega showdown’ with the release of comeback teaser video by Lee Hyori and Rain within a one-hour interval today.

Lee Hyori released the teaser video to her comeback at 11am on Mnet and Naver showing new radical hairstyle and fashion concepts for her comeback on 29th March. And in less than 10 minutes into the reveal, it is already up #1 on search portal sites.

And following at 12 noon, Rain released a new teaser video to his comeback special album. And what is special about this album is that the title song is a ballad and not a dance song like Rain’s usual hits.

Another highlight to the comeback is that for the MV, Rain will be working with Han YeSeul. Rain will show a ’soft guy’ side of him in the MV.

This marks the start of the mega showdown of the Kpop singers in April. Other than Rain and Lee Hyori, other singers like 2PM, Son DamBi etc are also set to have their comeback in April.

Lee Hyori will release the MV to the album on 1st April and the full album release on 8th April. And Rain will release his new special album on 1st April.

credit : sookyeong@kbites+as labeled

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