Monday, March 22, 2010

f(x) Krystal breaks high jump record set 10 years ago on Dream Team Season 2

f(x) Krystal attempts the record of 1m 60cm for high jump set by Kim HeeSeon and Lee NaYoung.

On KBS Dream Team season 2 aired on 21st March, celebrities were grouped into 6 couples – Danny Ahn-Jin Bora, SangChu-Jessica, Brian-HyoYeon, JunHo-Yoon JooHee, MinHo-Krystal and Cheon MyungHoon-Kim JungMin for the ‘Couple Dream Team’ special.

The groups played a total of games – relay zigzag run, wrestling, couple dance battle and couple high jump. And the youngest couple team MinHo-Krystal had stood out with their amazing sports capabilities.

For the 4th game of high jump, MinHo and Krystal did a record of 2m 3ocm and 1m 80cm, winning the best couple title. Krystal had broken the record set by Kim HeeSeon and Lee NaYoung 10 years back from 20cm.

After seeing Krystal’s jump, the other guest appearances like KKim JungMin commented, “Doesn’t look like she is doing this for the first time” and SangChu commented, “It seems SM has their own gymnastic school” etc.

With that, the records for high jump set on Dream Team season 1 and 2 is 2m 50cm for men set by Sangchu and 1m 80cm for women set by Krystal.

credit : sookyeong@kbotes+as labeled

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