Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Posters for Prosecutor Princess

Prosecutor Princess has (finally!) released its promo posters, and I think the main thing I take away from them is major shoe envy. (Of Kim So-yeon, that is. I’m not sure how I feel about the lace-up boots on the supposedly mysterious lawyer character played by Park Shi-hoo. On the upside, his look is a departure from the usual kdrama lawyer hero — all sleek suits and crisp silhouettes, like co-star Han Jung-soo — so there is that.)

Prosecutor Princess is a show that doesn’t really get me on a story level, because it seems pretty familiar; a lot of comments have already compared it to Legally Blonde, and I can’t argue with that. Korea has also been rather hit or miss with occupation dramas; while there are some hits (White Tower, New Heart, HIT), there have also been a number of lackluster offerings. (Often, I find that occupation dramas gloss over the actual details of the occupation and don’t honor reality.)

Where Prosecutor Princess does have me interested is in Kim So-yeon’s transformation, particularly coming off such a badass, unpolished character in IRIS. I’ve seen her portraying sleek, chic, gentle, evil, jealous, and action-hero characters (though not all at once, of course). Bubbly and girly will be new ground for her.

credit : javabeans

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