Friday, March 12, 2010

Hyun Bin feels burdened by good-guy image

On March 11, Hyun Bin was a featured guest on the radio show Gong Hyung-jin’s Cine Town, in which he spoke honestly about his career and current projects. In the program, he called his earnest good-guy image “stifling” and explained, “I’d like to live it up and have fun, and enjoy things that other people my age enjoy on a daily basis.”

He also talked about his current project, the Late Autumn remake, which just wrapped shoots in Seattle. Of working with Tang Wei, he said, “She has a very different acting style from me, so at first we were going in different directions. But as we kept shooting, we worked together very well.”

With over 90% of his dialogue in English, he explained that “before the film began shooting, I went to Seattle early and studied English for two months. That helped a lot.” (In the beginning, I’d felt dubious of whether he could pull off a film entirely in English, but it appears his and Tang Wei’s characters are both immigrants. Thus keeping their native accents is actually part of the film’s intention.)

Prior to the broadcast there was speculation about whether he would speak up about his high-profile romance with fellow actress (and The World They Live In co-star) Song Hye-gyo. Unfortunately for the curious, he did not.

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