Monday, February 1, 2010

SNSD’s cameo on IRIS?

One netizen recently took a scene from IRIS and combined it with SNSD’s blackout incident this past Saturday.

On SNSD’s comeback performance with Oh! on Music Core, the screen went black towards the end of their performance for a few seconds. Though some fans were a bit angry since it was their first comeback performance, netizens are already parodying this incident.

People have been laughing over the comical editing of SNSD on the screen of Lee Byung Hun’s cell phone in a scene from hit drama IRIS. The scene was originally of Lee Byung Hun watching Kim Kap Su’s character die. When the screen goes dark, you see Lee Byung Hun get really upset. It’s a great re-enactment of the same reaction fanboys probably had during their performance.

Netizens commented, “This is hilarious,” “The person who made this is smart,” and “Even Lee Byung Hun’s hand shape is O(Oh!).”

Check out the hilarious clip.

credit : heartfacee @allkpop +as labeled

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