Thursday, February 25, 2010

Director Goo Hye-sun Going to Japan

Boys Over Flowers” heroine, author, and director Goo Hye-sun has been invited to the Yubari Fantastic Film Festival in Japan for her short film “The Madonna” (유쾌한 도우미, literally “The Cheerful Caretaker”).

For this year, the film is under “Yubari Choice: Korean Film.” The film festival will run from February 25th to March 1st at Hotel Shuparo in Yubari City. Goo Hye-sun will be Japan from the beginning of the festival until March 5th.

“The Madonna” has gained quite a number of favorable reviews and has been invited to a number of other film festivals, including the Pusan International Film Festival, the Bucheon International Film Festival, the Asiana International Short Film Festival, and the 3rd China Mobile Film Festival.

As her directing debut, Goo Hye-sun is off to a good start with “The Madonna,” a short film about a priest and nun who do mercy killings for those seeking salvation.

You can see the official film festival website here:

Goo Hye-sun is also currently working on the full-length film “Magic.”

Good luck to fresh director and her future endeavours!

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