Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Idols test their English skills at Star Golden Bell

During an episode KBS 2TV ‘Star Golden Bell‘ that aired on the 6th, MBLAQ and 2AM participated in a segment of the variety show that put their English skills, or lack thereof, to test.

The special guests were required to translate a Korean phrase or sentence into English. It may sound simple enough, but for a nation that has been proved time and time again to struggle with this foreign language, it was quite the challenge.

Even Hollywood actor Lee Joon choked up when asked to translate a simple, two-word phrase as happy birthday. Ironically it was his own birthday on the 7th (congra–err, happy belated birthday!). Chundoong, who had lived in the Philippines before, and, surprisingly, leader Seungho passed each round with flying colors. Seulong surprised himself when he, too, answered a question correctly. Narsha of Brown Eyed Girls was especially hilarious as she managed to combined Korean, English and Japanese all at once!

It’s always entertainment at its finest when you put Korean celebrities and Engrish together, but imagine the epic-osity that would have taken place had Jokwon appeared on the show too.

Anyhow, check out the subbed clip below. WARNING: Do not drink any liquid when watching this video as you will surely spit it out at your computer screen

credit : beastmode @ allkpop + as labeled

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