Wednesday, February 3, 2010

After School UEE’s teary phone call with Rain![Eng Sub]

On SBS Strong Heart aired on 2nd February, MBLAQ Lee Joon made a surprise phone call to Rain on the show.

Everyone on the show was thrilled to have Rain’s cameo appearance. And MC Kang Ho Dong decided to put After School UEE on the line. UEE has always announced that Rain is her ideal type, and talking to her ideal type and idol on the phone, she was seen teary and in disbelief.

Translation under the cut.

Translations of the clip in snippets:

  • MC Kang: Do you watch Strong Heart?
  • Rain: Yes I watch it often.
  • MC Kang: Do you remember any fun episode?
  • Rain: Yes, the most fun one was Inki.. Teuk.. Teukigayo?


  • MC Kang: In terms of dance and performance, Rain is definitely better. But in terms of looks, Lee Joon says he is better.
  • Rain: HAHAHA. (To Lee Joon) It is wrong to lie on broadcast shows.


  • MC Kang: UEE said her ideal type is Rain.
  • Rain: Oh really?
  • MC Kang passes the phone to UEE.
  • UEE: Hello.
  • Rain: Oh hello.
  • UEE: Hello, I’m After School UEE.
  • Rain: Hi nice to meet you. I see you well.
  • UEE: Thank you (shocked).
  • Rain: You are pretty and sings well.
  • UEE: Do you know our song?
  • Rain: I know the song ‘Diva’.
  • UEE: (Teary) That song was my debut.
  • Rain: Congratulations for doing well. I will listen to your songs well in the future too.
  • UEE: Can you sing a small part to our song?
  • Rain: (Shy)
  • UEE: I’m your fan.
  • Rain: Thank you.
  • UEE: Our song, just a small part.
  • Rain: Now.. Next time when we meet, I’ll sing it personally.
  • UEE: (Touched and surprise)
credit : sookyeong @ KBites + as labeled

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