Friday, February 26, 2010

Park Ki-woong joins the slaves in Chuno

With this week’s episodes, Park Ki-woong joins the cast of Chuno, briefly appearing in Episode 15 before being featured in earnest in Thursday’s Episode 16. (A few more spoilery bits beyond the jump.)

This is Park’s first role in a sageuk; until last year, he was more known for an attention-getting cell phone CF than his acting, until he broke through with a memorable performance in last year’s Story of a Man. In Chuno, he again goes counter to his existing image (who else didn’t recognize him at first glance?) as he leads the gang of slaves.

In Wednesday’s Episode 15, Park shows up for a brief but important moment as he saves the nobleman-hunting Up-bok (Gong Hyung-jin) from death. Starting in Episode 16, he joins Up-bok and Keut-bong (Jo Hee-bong) in the gang devoted to liberating slaves and is called “savior” by the other slaves whom he helps. His character is young and born a slave, yet is well-mannered and educated, on top of being skilled in martial arts.

Park said of his role, “Because I’m joining a hit drama midway through, I feel both pressure and excitement at the same time. This is my first time acting in a sageuk, but I’m working hard to express this character well. Please keep watching.”

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