Friday, January 8, 2010

Will G-dragon go to prison?


Not likely, but he could…

Big Bang member gone solo act, G-dragon is under criminal investigation for public display of inappropriate behavior and violation of the Youth Protection Act. The source of the trouble is from the sexually suggestive and violent performances at his solo concert, “Shine a Light” in December 2009.

Not only that, the district prosecutors are questioning why the songs, “She’s Gone” and “Korean Dream”, were performed when they were deemed unsuitable for minors and prohibited from distribution and sale in November 2009.

If G-dragon is found guilty of obscence performance, he can possibly wear jail stripes for a year and/or be fined a maximum 5 million won. The violation for the Youth Protection Act is stiffer with a 20 million won fine and a 3 year jail sentence.

Maybe for his next video, he can act out a jail sentence.

BTW, in protest, 1000 legal fans (in their 20’s) sent in a petition to the Prosecutor’s office in support of their man.

credit : popseoul + as labeled

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