Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong’s getting bashed and he’s pissed


Korean media reported that on the evening of the 18th SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong attended the 80th Birthday Party of former Korean President Chun Doo Hwan and the sh*t hit the fan. Netizens and the media a flurry writing stories and blogs and sending bashes to Hyun Joong. So what’s the big deal? It so happens that Chun Doo Hwan is one of the most despised former Presidents of Korea, I won’t go into detail, but if you’re interested check it out here.

After the media reported that Hyun Joong attended the party, he started to be bombarded by posts bashing him for attending the event. Hyun Joong’s entertainment company DSP Entertainment’s initial statement said that they had no idea why it was being reported that Hyun Joong was at the party, but when various media said they had proof he was there, DSP changed their response. Apparently the whole situation pissed off Hyun Joong so much he left a VERY strongly worded response (which among other things said that he had no choice in going there and didn’t even know the guy and didn’t like being involved in politics) on his home page that got taken down. In their later statement, DSP said that Hyun Joong was with DSP CEO Lee Ho Yeon before going to a dinner with the other members of SS501 (except Jung Min who had schedule conflicts) when Lee Ho Yeon got a last minute ‘call’ and took Hyun Joong to the birthday party (some articles claimed that the CEO is friends with Chun). They said that Hyun Joong only paid his respects then left. Hmm, I wonder if the former president is a fan? Or maybe his wife, or a daughter, or granddaughter?

Hyun Joong’s second response to the whole situation, while not as bad as his first post, is still said to be strongly worded (what secret password do I need to see these things- wait no, I don’t want to know, wait yes, I do, I’m sooo torn). It’s to the point that all Triple S refuse to repost it because they don’t want antis to get a hold of it and blow up the situation any further. In my opinion, DSP’s CEO should’ve known better than to take Hyun Joong there, I guess he hoped to just sneak him in and out. He might not have had much of the choice if he was ‘asked’ to bring Hyun Joong there (the dude was a former President and his party was filled with politicians and military types so…).

Hyun Joong’s popularity sky-rocketed after being on We got Married and Boys Over Flowers, so any news about him is HUGE. It’s unfortunate that he was put into this predicament. Tripe S-ers have already started a campaign to cheer up Hyun Joong over this whole situation, aawww. You know what’s scarier than a former dictator? Hordes of pissed fangirl netizens protecting their idol, so watch out. The Korean media has already decided NOT to expose their ‘proof’ that Hyun Joong was at the party (reportedly pics of him shaking Chun’s hand) due to the ‘request’ of his fans. I’m a fan of Hyun Joong (JoongBo, fighting!) and I hope that “this too shall pass…” There are more important things going on in the world right now than bashing some poor idol who got put in a bad situation he had no control over.

credit : hijinx @ SeoulBeats + as labeled

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