Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lets get to know the drama, ‘God of Study’

Many of you guys already know the fact that Yoo SeungHo, the cute teenage boy who is now a a “man,” features in the new drama to start off 2010, called ‘God of Study’. And even some of the T-ara fans know that their Ji Yeon plays a role in there as well.

What else do you need to know? Don’t worry! KBites got the WHOLE package for you!

Characters Introduced

“Welcome to “Special” Education”

Yoo SeungHo as Hwang BaekHyun

Losing both of his parents, he grew in the hands of his grandmother. During is whole life, he had no goals in his life whatsoever, and he can be the hard and tough boy on the outside, but in the inside he is a grandson that loves his grandmother. And for his grandmother, he is willing to do anything.

Ko AhSung as Gil PulEp

She lives with her mother who runs a small drinking shop. She faces problems from taking care of her mother, who is already dreaming of an unrealistic love. She works hard, but is sad when her grades don’t reflect her efforts.

Lee HyunWoo as Hong ChanDoo

He never studied because he was too much in love with music and dancing. With members of his family all very smart and talented, he was always the young one that wasn’t worried about.

JiYeon as Na HyunJung

The gum that is always stuck around BaekHyun. She ends up being in a sticky situation when she follows him into to special classroom. However, this doesn’t matter because she is always with him.

Lee ChanHo as Oh BongGoo

He is living peacefully with his family that owns a BBQ restaurant. He is always bright around the house, but when he goes out somewhere, he suddenly turns into a shy person that hardly gets even noticed around the school.

Off to a Strong Start!

God of Study prevailed as the winning drama from the other two from MBC and SBS with an average viewer rating of 15%. With the drama on the popular searches list even before the start of the drama, the drama was hit even before the start. In addition, the comments from the viewers were all very good with more than 2,000 comments posted on the homepage for the drama.

Luxurious OST Singers?

If the stars set to play the characters didn’t get you to start watching the drama, the OST would definitely will.

1) At least once – T-Max : After the Boys Over Flower’s successful OST with the song ‘Paradise,’ T-Max is back again singing the OST for this drama. The song was composed by Kim JaeYang, who also composed ‘Still’ sung by Lee HongKi in the drama You’re Beautiful. Also, the writer for the song was Han SungHo who wrote the lyrics for the song ‘Without Words’ from the drama You’re Beautiful as well. This song portrays the love and hope carried by the characters in the drama.

2) Dreams Come True – 4minute : The newcomers who were awarded the rookie award in the 2009 Golden Disk Awards, shined their way into their first drama OST project. The Canon guitar sound playing in the background with the rapping from the members suits the “young blood” image well portrayed in the drama.

3) DdoRulRul - JiYeon (T-ara) : This solo song performed by JiYeon is the fresh, love ballad song that contains the beautiful love that can be viewed in the honest actions from the characters.

4) Because I’m Weary – Ernest : This is the modern rock song that displays the hardships the students do through in their lifetime. Ernest, the new singer, shows off his smooth voice through this track.

If these songs didn’t impress you, worry not! Beast, f(x), FT. triple are more stars that contributed to this OST as well. The OST will be sold officially on the 14th, both offline and online.

credit : nulsaranghae@ KBites + as labeled

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