Sunday, November 8, 2009

Downloads MP3 format For You're Beautiful OST

If u are addict to this drama just like me, watch the video not enough, rite? i've already have all the MP3 for this OST, now time for sharing with all of you out there!^_^

The MP3 OST's include :

1. Coming Down From the Sky - Oh Wonbin - Miss $
2. Lovely Day - Park Shin Hye
3. My Heart I Cursing - Kim Dongwoo
4. Promise - A.N. JELL
5. Promise - Lee Hongki
6. Still - A.N.JELL
7. Still/As Ever - FT Island
8. Still - Ver.Bossa
9. Without Words - 9th Street
10. Without Words - Park Shin Hye
11. Without Words - Ver. Piano

click here to begin the downloading for You're Beautiful OST MP3 Format. Enjoy..^_^

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