Sunday, November 8, 2009

You're Beautiful Will End With Episode 16

Happy but also sad, You're Beautiful will end on 26th November. Only 3 weeks left...:(.
The article from Seoulbeats by hijinx said :

" You’re Beautiful is not garnering as strong ratings as it had hoped, but it is holding its own considering that it is up against the hit drama IRIS. Many viewers didn’t give You’re Beautiful a chance thinking it was trying to be another Boys Over Flowers, but it is so much more. You’re Beautiful is funny, at times heart wrenching, and surprisingly unpredictable even for a jaded I-think-I-know-it-all like myself. The drama will end on November 26th with its 16th episode, there was an option for 20 episodes but since the ratings haven’t been great it doesn’t seem like that will happen. "

I don't know why the rating keep low (9%-10%), i really hope that this drama will extend to 20 episode. If u watch this series on viikkii, the viewers increase to 1.3 million..its a hit drama!! I know who reading this article also feel the same!^_^If u want to watch this drama click here. Its now showing all episode 1 to 10.



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credits : hijinx@seoulbeats + as labeled


  1. 10times viewer than iris on vikii..damn hot

  2. i love it more than iris...huuhuh...extend!..

  3. iris what? you're beautiful is really damn hot drama!!!i love it...i wish it will extend!!!

  4. You have got to be kidding me!!! Why compare "Iris" to "Youre Beautiful", it's like comparing apples to oranges! "You're Beautiful" is a damn hit, it's a tear-jerker as well as a "tickle me Elmo" both in one. I'm not even Korean yet I do think that this drama tops everything I've watched so far, it's unique,special in its own way, and very original. Iris is another copycat out of espionage novels. If you like that sort of stuff, read Ludlum or LeCarre, you'll get more out of it, trust me.

  5. love yab

    is one of the best kdrama 2009

    hope to see a lot dramas of him in future
    already fan from his movie baby and me
    and do re mi fa sol la si do!

  6. I WAN JANG GEUN SUK!!!!!! EXTEND!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. i hope there would be a second season.the actors and actresses have proven that they can act and the drama itself is great. i'm sure the people will keep on watching it in the internet and many will hope for the second season. the drama is indeed great. i had no dull moment watching it. good job to all the staff and actors and hoping to see the second season. congrats!

  8. to the management and staff of you're beautiful pls reconsider the second season. It is an awesome drama. whether minam will end up to shing woo,tae khyung or jeremy it doesn't matter. more power!hope to see the second season soon.

  9. I wish that hey have extended the episodes. It was a great drama. One of the best that i've watched so far. I love the actors who starred on the drama. I hope to see them in another good drama material. I hope they will pair again park shin ye and jang geun suk. they really had an amazing chemistry. Forget about the ratings, just hear out the comments on line. They all have positive comments. I think this drama is a lot better and more romantic than boys over flowers.

  10. wow i didnt think YAB would be that good but when i watched the first ep. i knew i would keep watching it it was exciting an funny