Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Queen of Housewives returns as Queen of Tears

Nearly two years after enjoying a popular run on MBC, Queen of Housewives will be coming back to television for its promised sequel, and the second season will broadcast with the title Queen of Tears. According to a source with the production team, it will share a similar theme with Queen of Housewives in its portrayal of a housewife overcoming adversity and standing on her own.

Kim Nam-joo, who starred in the original series as the housewife determined to get her husband back on his feet no matter what, has made an unofficial agreement to return for the sequel. The drama will retain its director and writer, Go Dong-sun and Park Ji-eun. As yet, none of the other main cast members have decided to reprise their roles (although with the main character returning, it would make sense for some others to join her).

Queen of Tears will follow the currently running Monday-Tuesday sageuk Dong Yi for a September premiere.

credit : javabeans

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