Friday, June 11, 2010

Park Shi-hoo treats Prosecutor staff to an island vacation

Park Shi-hoo, star of the recently wrapped SBS drama Prosecutor Princess, has given a gift to the staff of the drama in the form of a four-day, three-night vacation to Jeju Island (which is often called Korea’s Hawaii). The gesture was to show his gratitude for their hard work while the drama was shooting, and was given to approximately twenty staffers.

Star gifts can range from the small (T-shirts, cosmetics, gift bags) to the extravagant, but this seems particularly generous. Park’s management explained that he wanted to return some of the love he’d been showered with by fans — this drama has earned him the most ardent affection of his career thus far — and gave the gift to help relieve some of the stress the crew endured while filming the show.

Prosecutor Princess wasn’t the top-rated show of its timeslot (in fact, it was the opposite) but it had perhaps the most diehard fanbase, and it’s nice to see that the fervor was appreciated by the stars.

credit : javabeans

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