Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lee Da-hae makes her film debut in 3D blockbuster

After making her name in drama series like Green Rose, My Girl, and Chuno, Lee Da-hae is ready to make her movie debut. She has been cast in the 3D historical project Song of Springs [ν˜„μ˜ λ…Έλž˜], a project described as “a movie telling the life story of legendary court musician Woo Reuk, who opened up the world of sound in a world ruled by the sword.”

Woo Reuk was the creator of the gayageum, a classical stringed instrument, and will be played by Lee Sung-jae (Lawyers of Korea). Lee Da-hae’s character is Ara, the top dancer of Daegaya, a city-state of Gaya during the Three Kingdoms era. Film veteran Ahn Sung-ki (The Divine Weapon) plays a Silla general, while Moon Jung-hee (Oh My Lady) portrays a “mysterious woman of Gaya” described as a femme fatale who runs a bar. Speed Scandal’s young cutie Wang Seok-hyun plays one of Woo Reuk’s students.

Song of Springs is based on a novel written by Kim Hoon and has been in pre-production for six years. It boasts a hefty production budget of 15 billion won and will be directed by Joo Kyung-joong, whose 2002 film A Little Monk won him the best director award at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards.

credit : javabeans

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